What is the bigger vision for your health and wellness in 2016?

Are you looking to feel better? To have more energy? To reignite the spring in your step? To let go of food addictions? To connect more deeply to your inner brilliance and power?

I am co-creating a support group that will be loaded with consistent guidance from me, Samantha Fox Olson (yoga certified, fitness and motivation), Kari Morin (health coach, nutritional diploma), Dorie Silverman (yoga and pleasure), and Charan Surdhar (releasing emotions and energy that are keeping in stuck in old patterns).

We will be using super foods daily, in a very EASY TO IMPLEMENT FASION, into our daily routines.

We will be teaching you the strategies that you MUST be implementing on the daily to get the MAXIMUM results out of the MINIMAL efforts.

This is NOT a program that requires you to change tons of habits all at once. This is NOT a program that requires you to have 10 days without parties or travel.This is NOT a program that requires you to give up coffee, alcohol, or other foods you are not willing to give up right now.

This IS a program that will bring in whole foods and highly dense nutrition EASILY, to naturally (over time) crowd out the things your body doesn’t need (sugar, processed foods, etc.).This IS a program that will surround you with a like minded community of people who are saying YES to feeling better in 2016 than they did in 2015.This IS a program that will lift you up when you are feeling down and help put you back on track when you need it most.

Core 3 Nutrition

In these 90 Days of support and guidance you will:
-increase your energy naturally
-slowly lose weight and burn fat
-feel more clear headed
-reset your metabolism
-bring healing to your gut
-sleep better-gain lean muscle mass
-feel more amazing than you did in 2015!

We will meet in a private FB group page and we will be leading you step by step, in a very digestible fashion, with daily, weekly and monthly guidance as needed.

You will not find support like this anywhere else. If you are calling in a healthier, sexier, more energized you in 2016 than you experienced in 2015, contact me TODAY to find out how to get your $50 gift card to get started. The sooner you start the more free bonuses you receive.

Who do you know that is REALLY READY to say YES to taking control of their health and wellness NOW? Invite them to join us!

Samantha’s Core Nutrition Testimony

“Before I tried this core nutrition program, each month I saw my acupuncture she told me that I was not assimilating proteins. This made no sense to me because I have a good digestive fire and I eat a clean diet a good 90% of the time. After doing my accelerated athlete program (10 days) and then transitioning into a core nutrition program for a couple weeks, I went to see my acupuncture.

She looked at my tongue and told me, for the first time ever, that I was digesting and assimilating proteins awesome! I knew this by the way my body was feeling (amazingly energized and strong) but it was great to get her confirmation. I have now been using their patented amino acid supplement consistently for the past 6 months. It is the first thing I feed my body with and love knowing that no other food on the planet responds this brilliantly in my body. My muscles are in love with this nutrition!

I will also be the first to admit that I DON’T enjoy spending hours a day in the kitchen. I do love getting my fruits and veggies at the local farmer’s market, but I don’t exactly love spending time cleaning them and food prepping them for the week. I also recognize that when I am not prepared with clean produce and when I don’t have food prep in place, my food choice fall less than ideal at times and my energy pays the price. But since I started using my Core Nutrition Program I have consistently had live, organic and vegan food at my fingertips! The Power Shake has more phytonutrients in one drink that I would get from eating greens all day long! I don’t have any clean up, food prep, and I waste ZERO money on produce that goes bad each week too!

I appreciate fully the convenience and priceless gift of getting my veggie power and muscle fuel in daily with my Purium Core Nutrition. These products rocked my world in my first 10 day transformation where I literally melted fat from my body like a fat-burning-furnace and skyrocketed my energy in 10 days, and have since become not only my body’s daily super foods support, but also my organic garden, my farmer’s market, my kitchen helper, and my natural energizer. So grateful!”