Are you desiring a Jump Start (mentally, energetically and physically)?
Are you ready to start LOVING your body, quiet the inner critic and appreciate more fully the miracle your body truly be?
Do you appreciate certified organic, gmo-free and vegan foods that energize your being?
Are you desiring to be INSPIRED with your yoga or fitness?
Are you ready to increase your athletic performance?
Are you ready to feel freaking amazing in your body?
Are you ready to lose 1-3 inches off your belly, lose 2 to 10 pounds, and feel stronger than ever before?
Are you really ready?
This 10 day athlete transformation takes place IN YOUR OWN HOME, with MASSIVE SUPPORT and will:
• burn fat and reset your metabolism,
• increase your energy,
• lose 1-2 inches from your belly and up to 10 inches over entire body,
• shift your relationship to food as you kick sugar cravings and kick your addiction to processed foods,
• help you shed toxins that are bogging you down,
• help free you from unhealthy eating patterns and addictions,
• rocket ship you into your healthiest lifestyle ever,
• lose weight (average weight loss is between 4-10 pounds).
• inspire your yoga and fitness practices in profound ways,
• build an incredibly support and accountability container around you so that you can succeed WILDLY and be supported to continue forth on a lifestyle upgrade forever more!

A Purium Athlete Transformation

6 Powerful Healers sharing their passions and gifts to elevate your transformation.
Yoga. Fitness. Mindfullness. Self-care.
Give us 10 Days, and watch your life take flight, mentally, physically and emotionally.
We will be using a super food protocol to compliment this incredible one-time, exclusive offering. Keep reading for testimonies from our last group transformation.

The Invite To Jump Start Your Body, Mind and Energy

This invitation is open to anyone that says YES to any of the above questions. Beginners and advanced yoga practicioners and athletes are welcome. No experience is required.
If you feel you are not inspired to kick start your fitness life but would love to improve your health, boost energy and lose weight, PM me ASAP.
A 10 day athlete transformation that includes a daily superfoods protocol (there is a VEGAN as well as a NON-VEGAN protocol to chose from) to follow as well as daily:
– yoga,
-self-care and self-love practices
to be enjoyed online, on your own schedule.
The daily yoga and fitness is not required if you have your own fitness routine happening, yet the bonus of it being included free is HUGE and EXCLUSIVE only to my group transformations with a value of over $500 being shared for free as the gifts extend into our precleanse and lifestyle continuation phases.
This program is led by 7 inspirational leaders in the industry of wellness. Participants can join from all over the world. We will access the workouts online and the nutritional supplements and organic, gmo-free super meal shakes will be delivered to your home.
November 10-20th with a pre-cleanse happening 3 days prior. (If you are reading this after this date please contact Samantha asap to find out when the next chance for YOUR transformation may be.)
To saturate the body in appreciation and to gift the body with the most dense nutrition possible. Total Cellular Satisfaction!
To move the body in love with an awesome varitey of cross training workouts and yoga practices.
To clear the mind of the clutter that keeps us from experiencing deep peace and authentic joy and to feel more focused, calm and clear as ever before.
To experience the true radiance of the spirit and to celebrate in this fully with like-minded people.
Bonus Gifts:
• You will receive a FREE 30 min consultation that will bring clarity to your goals and build tremendous support around you. This bonus gift expires November 4th so connect with me ASAP because my schedule is filling fast!
• Supportive Community: We will then join in a private fb page where we can stay connected on the daily, sharing our journey and learning from one another. Can you say “accountability!”
• You will also receive access to a daily yoga, fitness and/or meditation video that will support your fitness path and catapult your body awareness, self-love and motivation to the next level! FREE! (a $500 value!)
• By registering for this GROUP TRANSFORMATION you will also receive a $50 gift card that you will use to purchase your 10 day nutritional support. These $50 gift cards are going fast. Contact me today.
Lets ring in the holiday season feeling calm yet energized, lean, strong and sexy.

The Integrity Of Our Organic Athlete Super Foods

The products we will be using are organic, gmo-free products of the highest standards. Check this out:


[vimeo id=”136534709″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


Live, Organic, Vegan Protein Shake

We will be using a certified organic, gmo-free, vegan protein shake on the daily to support our bodies to burn fat and build lean muscle mass while feeling energized and fully nourished. Check this out:


[youtube id=”tn4Y93LIp_E” width=”600″ height=”350″]


The Best Amino Acid Supplement On The Planet

And this is an amino acid supplement we will be taking that I can personally attest to saying compares to nothing like it on the planet:


[youtube id=”gSuC6iFz7pM” width=”600″ height=”350″]


 How To Register

Contact Samantha today to receive your $50 gift card to go towards your personal transformation and to set up your free 30 minute goal-activating phone call session, while there is still room.