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Got Sore Muscles?

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  • Your Mind Set. Your Fear. Your Potential.

    take offThe mind is such a wild thing really. Depending on which way we direct the mind, or which way the mind directs us, will have the most profound impact on how fully we will experience life living in this amazing body.

    Our mind has the capacity to hold us back from living full out, and we all know this to be true from experience. It is called FEAR. And it creeps into our head as a way for our loving mind to keep us safe. But the irony of it all really is wondrous. The mind can, and will if given the opportunity, come up with countless of reasons why we should hold back from living full out.

    Just the other day I faced that at an indoor trampoline gym. And this is how I handled… (more…)

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  • Yoga, Fitness & Adventure Retreat On Kauai, Hawaii: April 2015

    kalalau valley, kauaiI am so excited to announce my Spring Spectacular Retreat on the North Shore of Kauai!

    Dates are April 21-27, 2015. Come celebrate the pleasure of having a body with me, in paradise! Come experience more freedom in your body and heart than ever before. SPRING into a more full expression of yourself each and every day!

    Spring is such an exciting time of year! New possibilities are being birthed, life is rising up and Kauai is an amazing place to connect with the power of nature in the Spring time!

    I hear time and time again from retreat attendees that their retreat was not only the highlight of their year, but a highlight to their entire life! And this will be a great opportunity to get your SUMMER started early and extend that sunshine light in your life this year. (more…)

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  • How To Reach Your Fitness Goals When You Consistently Fail

    morning workoutOk, it’s a few good weeks into January and chances are you have fallen short of continuing forth in your New Year’s Resolution with the same enthusiasm and drive you had the first 2 weeks of January.

    Statistically, more people are making New Year’s Resolutions about weight loss and fitness goals than anything else. And guess what, by February close to 40% of those enthusiasts flat out give up. What does this fuel inside of us? Those subconscious limiting beliefs of feeling not-good-enough, incapable, and unworthy.

    Body Shame Is Real But It Is Not True

    Sadly, many people actually blame their BODIES for this lack of follow through. These beliefs (they hang out more in the foreground of our awareness) sound more like:

    • “My body does not work right.”
    • “My body does not cooperate with me.”
    • “My body is against me.”
    • “My body is simply doomed for mediocre and lacks all ability for everlasting, uplifting transformation.”

    Sound familiar? If you have indeed set a goal to get in shape, become stronger, leaner, healthier and/or more energetic yet have given up on your birthright bliss to become just that, then indeed there is something going on. But let me cut right to the GREAT NEWS….

    You are NOT doomed. Your body INDEED desires to shine. Your body IS a miracle and holds within each of it’s trillions of cells IMMENSE POTENTIAL!

    So what is the secret to everlasting growth and expansion when we are committed to make a change? (more…)

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  • Body Freedom Revolution Free Training

    bodyfreedomcalloneYou may have heard about the free training that Kate Burkett of and I are offering this month.
    The word is out in social media and registration for this free training has been going off!
    So today I wanted to PERSONALLY INVITE YOU to join us in this Body Freedom Revolution!
    The free training this month has $537 in value and there will be an opportunity to continue training with us to reach all your health, wellness and fitness goals into 2015 too.
    This free training has the potential to radically shift you in so many ways. Please don’t miss out!


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  • A Chocolate Gooey Thanksgiving Blessing

    chocolateWith the holidays around the corner there will be loads of traditional baking and festivities going on. Fun fun fun!

    Today’s share is not a traditional Thanksgiving treat, but I believe chocolate makes a hit whenever and wherever. This short video give you the recipe for these irresistibly delicious chocolate balls of goodness.


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  • Start Here For Rocking Energy!

    Our Energy Determines The Quality Of Everything! I am going to profoundly assist you in transforming your energy levels so that every area of your life improves. If you will let me. Register my newsletter today for my top secrets that will increase your vibrant health, radiant energy and fit body NOW.


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  • A Lower Body Workout Inspired By Tony Robbins

    lei and lotus flowerI recently attended a 4 day Tony Robbins seminar titled Unleash The Power Within. It was AWESOME!

    One of the many breakthroughs I experienced was taking the way I celebrate in life to the next level. And when I say celebrating I am referring to the big events in life, but MOSTLY I am referring to EVERYTHING in life. All those things we overlook in allowing us to bubble up daily with excitement, joy, enthusiasm and love.

    After coming home from the event, I themed a lower body workout class with some inspirations from the event! This 70 minute workout is titled, “Are You Celebrating With All Your Being.” I have shared this with 2 groups I am coaching online right now, my 30 Days To Body Freedom group, and my VHB (Very Happy Bodies) group. The response has been awesome.

    Listen to what one women from Scotland shared with me today after doing this workout (which I am going to share with you today absolutely free)… (more…)

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  • 4 Tips For Rocking Everlasting Energy

    jumpforjoySo with a solid and loving intention to maximize my everlasting energy and vibrancy I have decided to cut my coffee intake down to about one coffee a week. Basically, I am cutting coffee but staying open to enjoying a warm brew up to once a week if I would like to partake for enjoyment, but not for energy.

    I am not a coffee junkie. But I do drink one cup every morning and the ritual of it has been nice. But truth be told routine consumption creates an acidic environment in our gut and bodies and (news flash) an acidic inner environment does NOT support everlasting energy and radiant vibrancy.

    I guide women in a highly supportive and FUN online environment with the tools required to skyrocket the potential in their bodies, in getting fit, and in becoming the happy spirit they are meant to be. It is my joy to be of service in this way!

    Today I want to share with YOU, right here, no membership required. If you want to learn more about how to be supported in increasing your energy so you can be a better EVERYTHING and ANYTHING keep reading…. (more…)

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  • Breathe Like THIS To Reduce Belly Fat

    Sam-108_2-200x300Is the way you breathe most of the day making your fat? Although this may sound absurd to many people, the fact is that STRESS holds fat on our body; especially the belly. And breathing optimally is the quickest and most effective way to reduce stress hormones in our bodies.

    So the way you breathe is not MAKING you fat, but the way in which you breathe DEEPLY can reduce the hormones that hold on to belly fat.

    I get it. If you have been struggling with hundreds of crunches, reducing your carbs to a minimum and thinking that is THE way to your flat belly and killer abs, then today’s tip may just seem too… easy. Like too easy to even consider. But keep reading…

    I am not saying this should be your only practice if the result you wanna see are 6-pack abs. BUT, this tip IS a surefire way to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, that DOES have a role in holding-on to that extra pudge around your midsection.

    Lower the levels of excessive cortisol in your body with deep breathing and you lower the hormones linked to belly fat. So next time you are feeling stressed out, chill out. I know, easier said than done. But when we understand all the benefits of reducing excessive stress in our bodies it sure can be a powerful motivator to take the time to slow down and tune in. This guided breathing exercise will help you do just that. (more…)

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  • Got Sore Muscles?

    IMG_4168Confession: I love the feeling of sore muscles. Especially my glutes and abs. I love bending down and feeling my body sweetly remind me that I have been active and that I have awoken and toned my muscles and that they are alive and happy too.

    I mean, a muscle that is NOT getting to work and strengthen is a very sad muscle. That’s like a dog that doesn’t get to play fetch. It’s a muscle’s birthright to move, tone and support.

    What I don’t like is being so sore that I can’t get up and down a few stairs without being in pain and looking ridiculous.

    Can you relate?

    I am going to share with you what it does NOT mean if you are sore. As well as what it DOES mean, what you should NOT do, and what you SHOULD do if you are sore. Here we go: (more…)

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