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Yoga & Fitness Tips: Episode 6 & 7


  • Superfoods For A Super Fit Body

    tiff website-0205It has been said that our physique is produced 70-80% in the kitchen and the remainder from our workouts. And I can honestly say that what we put into our mouths does make a huge impact not only on our HOW we look, but also on how we FEEL and how our body performs.

    Feed your body nourishing food that the body can digest and burn efficiently and you will feel clear, your workouts will feel energized and your yoga body will bend with more ease.

    I am an advocate of eating clean and if you know me, you know I greatly appreciate local and organic food too. I am not vegan, I am not gluten free. I am not a raw foodist. But I do enjoy real food and I know my body thrives from them too.

    Here are some superfoods that are certain to help your body look good, feel good and move powerfully too: (more…)

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  • Winter Getaway: Yoga And Fitness Kauai Retreat 2015

    image4I am so excited to announce my Winter Getaway To Paradise Retreat on the East Side of Kauai!

    Dates are February 1-7th, 2015. Come celebrate the freedom of having a body with me, in paradise!

    I hear time and time again from retreat attendees that their retreat was not only the highlight of their year, but a highlight to their entire life! February is a time on the mainland where those winter blues have set in, yet here on Kauai the whales are breaching with joy and the living is easy.

    Imagine this:


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  • Fun, Funky & Creative Yoga Transitions

    handstandHave fun with these fun, funky and creative yoga transitions!

    Some of them are quite challenging, and others are great for all levels.

    Some of the poses include: hanumanasana, vashistasana, downward facing dog, chin stand, side plank and more!

    Ohhhhhh! Have Fun!







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  • Vegan Mint Soursop Ice Cream, Oh My!

    soursop_icecreamA friend brought me 2 big sour sop fruits the other day! I gave one to my dear friend who gets just as giddy as I do over this fruit, and kept one for myself. So fun to share things we know lights others up! And this is one of those food that just looking at it makes me happy.

    That leads me to today’s recipe I wanna share with YOU. Vegan Sour Sop Ice Cream with mint and vanilla goodness.

    Now, in case you don’t know, sour sop is one of those fruits that has phytochemicals that kick cancer cells in the ass, kills parasites inside of our bodies, and is healthy for our liver.

    And that is just a few of the many benefits of this yummy fruit that has a nickname of “ice cream fruit.” (more…)

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  • Online Yoga And Fitness Training With A 7 Day Challenge

    Train_With_me_Online_BOARDEROMG I am so freaking excited! As many of you know I have been working on an online yoga and fitness training site for THREE YEARS now!

    Did I think it would take this long to gift out to you this free week trial? NOPE. But I never gave up and today is the day I get to invite you to come and experience what many women who already train with me online are receiving too!

    My ONE WEEK ONLINE YOGA AND FITNESS CHALLENGE is ready for you and your body!!! (more…)

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  • Upper Body, Core & Cardio Workout You Can Do At Home

    side plank with hand weightThis summer we went to the mainland for a little family vacation. I packed my yoga mat, a jump rope, my interval timer and a resistance loop, knowing I would be set to enjoy tons of diversity and rock all my workouts while being gone for 2 full weeks. And I did!

    Which was awesome because nobody likes the feeling of coming home from vacation in a frumpy body that ate more food than normal and moved less than regularly, just because it was out of it’s natural habitat.

    I came home feeling fabulous because I worked out and/or practiced yoga almost daily. Today I am going to share with you one of the workouts I did at my mother-in-laws house. This workout targets the upper body and gets the heart pumping.


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  • Exactly HOW To Get Consistent With Your Fitness

    happy, fit confident bodyYou have heard me say this time and time again, “Consistency is the KEY to a workout and/or yoga practice that is going to really change your life and transform your body.” I KNOW this to be true, I know this as truth in the fibers and cells of my being.

    If you read the blog post I wrote a year ago, “A Simple Fitness Tip That Drastically Changed My Life” you know that I use to have a belief that if I didn’t have 60 or 90 minutes a day to do my yoga, then it wasn’t worth it anyways. OMG, what a horrible lie I was telling myself. And when I realized I had this belief I started committing to just 20 minutes a day and BAMB, the results I was feeling in my body came quick because I was now showing up daily!

    You will reap MORE benefits in your life and in your body by working out 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week than you would showing up only one day a week for an 80 minute practice. This is true! It is the things we do over and over again that make up who we are and that shape the person we are.

    But HOW does one get consistent? I am going to help you with that today! (more…)

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  • 5 Tips That Will Propel Your Wildest Dreams To Come Alive

    SUP yoga On KauaiA woman in my private VHB (Very Happy Bodies) group that I train online asked me in our monthly activation call yesterday if I recommend just picking up and leaving if you want to make a huge move.

    Well, I think everyone’s circumstances are unique and if we think there is any one way only path to anywhere we are potentially cutting ourselves off from tons of support.

    However our conversation took off into a magical place and the hour conversation ended with a beautiful meditation around letting go of the need to control.

    What the women on the call shared was that they are witnessing a need to control every placement (which is ultimately rooted in fear) and they were ready to let go of that and courageously explore what letting go of the need to control truly feels like.

    I think many of us may consider ourselves to be a bit of a “control freak.” One place in my life I know I can let go of this more is in parenting. And that just gets me started. (But that’s another story, heehee. So before I get carried away, let me get back on track). (more…)

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  • Are You Too Old To Be Fit And Feel Fabulous?

    3GENERATIONSOne of my amazing students shared with me this morning in our 6:15 am full body workout class that she SURFED the other day for the first time in a long time.

    This is a student of mine that has been showing up so consistently and so full on for months. When I see the way she moves in comparison to where she was a few months ago I am blown away!!!

    She said, “Samantha, I felt as strong as I did in my 20s when I was surfing every day! When I was paddling out I just kept thinking that that was the high intensity part of our interval training.”

    I asked her, “How old are you now?”
    “47!” she replied.

    Listen, age ain’t got NOTHING on you unless you believe it does. I am proof of that, my students are living proof of that, and you may be proof of that too. As you can see in the photo here my mama at age 67 is proof of that too!

    And I am going to share with you today some powerful perspective so that you can see more clearly some of your limiting beliefs that are keeping your body in a box that doesn’t belong to it! (more…)

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  • Without A Plan, Your Goals Are Just Wishful Thinking

    PlanBasically in my online group coaching program I give my clients a weekly plan of attack to follow that has already proven to gift amazing results to their bodies, minds and spirits!

    Rigid lines and rules to follow are NOT my approach. They will burn you out and are not a long term success plan. BUT a plan that is inspiring, grows with your potential and is proven effective IS where it is at! (more…)

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