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11 Tips To Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life

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  • Try Something New: Mind. Body. Spirit Transformation

    Transformation_header2 weeks to RESET your food habits, kick your sugar and caffeine addiction, lose weight and tone and tighten your bod before the new year and happening globally.

    Why now? Because repeating last years antics this holiday season will look like this:

    November 24-December 31st – Gobble+Gobble+Gobble+very little self care = Food Coma+unable to focus, feel like a fatso, have very low energy + not so nice to myself or peeps I care about. Actually feeling a little depressed and the inner-dalague that happens every time I put on clothing or look in the mirror is depressing too.

    January 1st – resolutions (start working out, lose X amount of lbs, stop eating junk food, go to yoga/the gym 5 days/ week, etc)

    January 15th – I say “screw it” to my resolutions and feel like a failure, again.

    Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    Are you BORED with the same shit year after year? Really! This same-old-same-old, year after year is BORING and depleating.

    Experiment this year, TRY SOMETHING NEW and see what happens.


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  • 11 Tips To Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life

    bikiniThe tips I will be sharing with  you here WILL change your life for the better YET at the same time are simple enough for anyone to integrate. But you know what they say, “Easy to do, easy not to do.” So chances are, you KNOW the importance of each of these tips below, but are NOT following through.

    The way I see it, fitness is a lifestyle. Living a fit lifestyle should be fun. It should ring with inspiration, not kill you, but MOVE you! So please, never underestimate the power of simple yet profound actions that will infuse a spring in your every step.

    Below are 11 tips that you can easily integrate into your busy lifestyle. These tips will help you:
    •    feel more energized,
    •    burn fat more effectively,
    •    be a happier person,
    •    become stronger and feel lighter!

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  • February 2016 Yoga, Fitness & Adventure Retreat On Kauai, Hawaii

    2015-08-23 09.11.41-1Ready to retreat on Kauai, Hawaii with yoga, fitness, meditation, waterfalls, guided hikes, laughter, organic and fresh food and sandy beach downtime all part of the play?

    If you are saying YES to a week full of aloha, adventure, play, nourishment, major inspiration and cellular rejuvenation this invitation is for YOU! This is one of the most nourishing, life inspiring, soul quenching, and ridiculously FUN yoga & fitness retreats on the planet!

    But don’t take only my word on how priceless this dream vacation truly is. Keep reading to see what others have experienced:

    “Beyond heaven. Samantha will change your lives. I would definitely book this retreat over and over. Stop thinking about it!! And Kauai…don’t get me started.”
    -Lina Ball (Canada)


    “Touched my heart forever.”
    -Courtney (California) (more…)

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  • A Global Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation

    purium transformation
     Are you desiring a Jump Start (mentally, energetically and physically)?
    Are you ready to start LOVING your body, quiet the inner critic and appreciate more fully the miracle your body truly be?
    Do you appreciate certified organic, gmo-free and vegan foods that energize your being?
    Are you desiring to be INSPIRED with your yoga or fitness?
    Are you ready to increase your athletic performance?
    Are you ready to feel freaking amazing in your body?
    Are you ready to lose 1-3 inches off your belly, lose 2 to 10 pounds, and feel stronger than ever before?
    Are you really ready?
    This 10 day athlete transformation takes place IN YOUR OWN HOME, with MASSIVE SUPPORT and will:
    • burn fat and reset your metabolism,
    • increase your energy,
    • lose 1-2 inches from your belly and up to 10 inches over entire body,
    • shift your relationship to food as you kick sugar cravings and kick your addiction to processed foods,
    • help you shed toxins that are bogging you down,
    • help free you from unhealthy eating patterns and addictions,
    • rocket ship you into your healthiest lifestyle ever,
    • lose weight (average weight loss is between 4-10 pounds).
    • inspire your yoga and fitness practices in profound ways,
    • build an incredibly support and accountability container around you so that you can succeed WILDLY and be supported to continue forth on a lifestyle upgrade forever more!

    A Purium Athlete Transformation

    6 Powerful Healers sharing their passions and gifts to elevate your transformation.
    Yoga. Fitness. Mindfullness. Self-care.
    Give us 10 Days, and watch your life take flight, mentally, physically and emotionally.
    We will be using a super food protocol to compliment this incredible one-time, exclusive offering. Keep reading for testimonies from our last group transformation.

    The Invite To Jump Start Your Body, Mind and Energy

    This invitation is open to anyone that says YES to any of the above questions. Beginners and advanced yoga practicioners and athletes are welcome. No experience is required.
    If you feel you are not inspired to kick start your fitness life but would love to improve your health, boost energy and lose weight, PM me ASAP.
    A 10 day athlete transformation that includes a daily superfoods protocol (there is a VEGAN as well as a NON-VEGAN protocol to chose from) to follow as well as daily:
    - yoga,
    -self-care and self-love practices
    to be enjoyed online, on your own schedule.
    The daily yoga and fitness is not required if you have your own fitness routine happening, yet the bonus of it being included free is HUGE and EXCLUSIVE only to my group transformations with a value of over $500 being shared for free as the gifts extend into our precleanse and lifestyle continuation phases.
    This program is led by 7 inspirational leaders in the industry of wellness. Participants can join from all over the world. We will access the workouts online and the nutritional supplements and organic, gmo-free super meal shakes will be delivered to your home.
    November 10-20th with a pre-cleanse happening 3 days prior. (If you are reading this after this date please contact Samantha asap to find out when the next chance for YOUR transformation may be.)
    To saturate the body in appreciation and to gift the body with the most dense nutrition possible. Total Cellular Satisfaction!
    To move the body in love with an awesome varitey of cross training workouts and yoga practices.
    To clear the mind of the clutter that keeps us from experiencing deep peace and authentic joy and to feel more focused, calm and clear as ever before.
    To experience the true radiance of the spirit and to celebrate in this fully with like-minded people.
    Bonus Gifts:
    • You will receive a FREE 30 min consultation that will bring clarity to your goals and build tremendous support around you. This bonus gift expires November 4th so connect with me ASAP because my schedule is filling fast!
    • Supportive Community: We will then join in a private fb page where we can stay connected on the daily, sharing our journey and learning from one another. Can you say “accountability!”
    • You will also receive access to a daily yoga, fitness and/or meditation video that will support your fitness path and catapult your body awareness, self-love and motivation to the next level! FREE! (a $500 value!)
    • By registering for this GROUP TRANSFORMATION you will also receive a $50 gift card that you will use to purchase your 10 day nutritional support. These $50 gift cards are going fast. Contact me today.
    Lets ring in the holiday season feeling calm yet energized, lean, strong and sexy.

    The Integrity Of Our Organic Athlete Super Foods

    The products we will be using are organic, gmo-free products of the highest standards. Check this out:



    Live, Organic, Vegan Protein Shake

    We will be using a certified organic, gmo-free, vegan protein shake on the daily to support our bodies to burn fat and build lean muscle mass while feeling energized and fully nourished. Check this out:



    The Best Amino Acid Supplement On The Planet

    And this is an amino acid supplement we will be taking that I can personally attest to saying compares to nothing like it on the planet:



     How To Register

    Contact Samantha today to receive your $50 gift card to go towards your personal transformation and to set up your free 30 minute goal-activating phone call session, while there is still room.

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  • Finding The Right Fitness Program For You

    yoginis on the beachDo you ever wonder if you are in the right fitness or wellness program for you? I mean really, there are countless of disciplines, classes, coaches, programs and protocols to follow out there. So much so that it can actually make your head spin.

    But it can be broken down very simply. Because are all unique individuals, with different goals and different bodies it can be very helpful to get clear on what it is we really want to feel like as well as look like.

    Do you have a vision of your ideal body? Many of us do. But do you have a vision of your ideal inner-dialogue, energetic state of being as well as how you want to feel on the daily? That is the part of the equation that, I believe, tends to get forgotten about. (more…)

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  • Are You Taking Responsibility Or Pointing Blame?

    HollowbackHanaleiThis past weekends’s epiphany brought me to today’s blog post, and I am going to cut to the chase in hopes to offer you an ah-ha moment for yourself too.

    Back in 1992 I received a partial gymnastics scholarship to San Jose State University. I worked hard to receive that scholarship. But the summer before my freshman year I hopped in a school bus with a handful of friends and followed the Grateful Dead.

    It was awesome! We partied. We danced. I saw much of the world I had never seen before. And beyond cartwheels and backhand springs on the Dead Lot, I didn’t think about training at all. (more…)

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  • A 10-Day Group Athlete Transformation

    Purium Athlete TransformationAre you desiring a REBOOT?

    Are you desiring to be INSPIRED with your yoga or fitness?

    Are you ready to increase your athletic performance?

    Are you ready to feel freaking amazing in your body?

    Are you ready to lose 1-3 inches off your belly, yep in 10 days?

    Are you ready to take your existing wellbeing and lift it up?

    Are you ready to really really transform your body, mind and energy?

    Are you really ready? Keep reading to hear the interesting results from my own personal 10 day athlete transformation… (more…)

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  • Next Level Wellness That’s Simple

    waterfall prayer kauaiWhat if I shared with you just one action step that could positively influence your energy levels, joint and muscle pain and athletic performance, as well as help you lose weight? Would you apply it?

    And what if I told you this one little detail was so easy to follow, that it truly takes barely any energy on your part to adhere to. Would it excite you?

    Now I don’t know about you, but I love getting a lot of bang for my buck. I love creating simple refinements that provide huge results not only in my own life, but in the life of those I personally help transform also.
    If you are anything like me and the clients I coach to get in the best shape of their lives, then the answer to the above questions is a great big YES.

    The Power Of Hydration

    blue hole kauai

    Water makes up about 2/3 of our body! It is an essential element to our health and every single cell and organ relies on water to function. If that’s not inspiration to drink up, I’m not sure what else is.
    Some of the miraculous functions of the body that demand water as part of the equation to function optimally include: digestion, circulation, cellular communication, muscular contraction and extension, and I could go on and on.

    This is not breaking news. This is a component of basic self-care, yet ironic enough, most people reach for food and beverages that dehydrate their body. How crazy is that?!

    Just a few of the many side-effects our body can experience in a dehydrated state include:
    •    headaches and migraines
    •    hunger
    •    lack of energy and even exhaustion
    •    aches and even severe pain in joints and muscles.

    Simple Tips To Staying Hydrated

    Again, I don’t know about you, but if I knew there may be a solution to the above that is SIMPLE, and requires ZERO medication to alleviate, and costs you barely anything to implement on the daily, I am all over exploring that option. And the equation is easy:

    1. Greatly REDUCE what you are putting into your body that is contributing to it working insanely hard to do something extraordinary it can do with minimal effort.
    2. INCREASE the amount of hydrating foods, beverages and supplements that contribute to your body being optimally hydrated.

    What to reduce or eliminate:
    •    soda
    •    coffee
    •    packaged and processed foods, for they contain a high amount of sodium.
    What to increase:
    •    water (duh, rocket science, yet this is so overlooked).
    •    fresh and local, organic, gmo-free fruits and vegetables (watermelon, mangos, avocados, cucumbers…)
    •    an all natural electrolyte supplement may also be required on hot summer days or for those that live an active lifestyle. My recommendation is a product called Super Lytes.

    How Much Water Should I Drink Daily?

    How much water is enough water? On the average experts say 8-8oz. glasses of water a day is sufficient. For athletes drinking half of your body weight in ounces is another measure. However, if you are sweating and exercising your body with intensity, up to a gallon a day may be required.

    How much water are you drinking on the daily?
    Bonus, by not confusing hunger with being thirsty you may save yourself unwanted poundage on your body.  If you feel hungry yet know your body doesn’t require more food, drink a big glass of water and watch that hunger dissipate.

    Also, mid-day when you are feeling an energy dump, instead of grabbing that caffeinated beverage, drink a couple glasses of water and feel yourself come to life naturally!

    Tips to getting in the water you need on the daily:

    1. Drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up. You can add lemon if you like for extra internal-cleansing and alkaline-inducing goodness. I also like to use warm water with a splash of raw, apple cider vinegar for a morning blessing to my body with an internal cleansing and metabolism boosting pow.
    2. Drink before you are thirsty. Once you are thirsty your body is already in a dehydrated state.
    3. Bring water with you when you leave the house. Bring it in a glass jar so you can leave it in the car and not be concerned with leaching plastic in your warm car.

    Keep that body hydrated!
    Samantha Fox Olson, a wealth and wellness coach on Kauai, is helping to transform the lives of countless people with an organic, gmo-free lifestyle that includes loving on our bodies with yoga and fitness.

    Contact her today for a free $50 gift certificate towards your own personalized transformation. Or join her global Athlete Transformation now.

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  • 4 Tips To Healing When Your Body Abandons You

    Dancer Pose At Hanakapii FallsHaving the privilege of serving as a health coach to people all around the globe, I have heard a common belief that is disconnecting people from their amazing bodies.

    This one belief wrecks havoc in our body’s miraculous ability to teach us, lead us and guide us into greater freedom and well being. This one belief keeps many trapped in a body that feels heavy, slow and dull.

    This one belief can make us feel inadequate, broken, and robbed of an energetic and strong, healthy body. This one belief can bring in more pain, mentally and physically, and will keep those that have it from searching out any alternatives towards getting in the best shape of our lives. (more…)

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  • Yoga And Fitness On Kauai Class Descriptions

    kauai yoga and fitness flyerI am so excited to share with you the juicy details of my yoga and fitness classes here on the north shore of Kauai.

    “Felling Sexy!!! I have been going to Samantha Fox Olson’s classes and she has been kicking my bootie into shape! LOVE LOVE LOVE her amazing class! She rocks at what she does, she has engaged me fully and consistently, and my ass is killing me In just one week of training with Samantha I am amazed at the results in my body. I look in the mirror and all I can see is SEXY and I feel amazing! – Vanessa Simpkins, Hawaii

    But first let me warn you that my classes are not like any other you have experienced in the past. The location, the themes, the vibe, the way I will encourage and challenge you, are all part of the experience that will leave you feeling on top of your game, inside and out! (more…)

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