2 weeks to RESET your food habits, kick your sugar and caffeine addiction, lose weight and tone and tighten your bod before the new year and happening globally.

Why now? Because repeating last years antics this holiday season will look like this:

November 24-December 31st – Gobble+Gobble+Gobble+very little self care = Food Coma+unable to focus, feel like a fatso, have very low energy + not so nice to myself or peeps I care about. Actually feeling a little depressed and the inner-dalague that happens every time I put on clothing or look in the mirror is depressing too.

January 1st – resolutions (start working out, lose X amount of lbs, stop eating junk food, go to yoga/the gym 5 days/ week, etc)

January 15th – I say “screw it” to my resolutions and feel like a failure, again.

Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Are you BORED with the same shit year after year? Really! This same-old-same-old, year after year is BORING and depleating.

Experiment this year, TRY SOMETHING NEW and see what happens.

A Mind-Body Transformation

This 10 day athlete transformation will:

• burn tons of fat and reset your metabolism,
• skyrocket your energy,
• lose 1-3 inches from your belly and up to 10 inches over entire body,
• shift your relationship to food as you kick sugar cravings and kick your addiction to processed foods,
• help you shed toxins that are bogging you down,
• rocket ship you into your healthiest lifestyle ever,
• lose weight (average weight loss is between 4-10 pounds).
• inspire your yoga and fitness practices in profound ways,
• build an incredibly support and accountability container around you so that you can succeed WILDLY and be supported to continue forth on a lifestyle upgrade forever more!

Join Dorie Silverman of DorieSilverman.com , Samantha Fox Olson and a group of like minded hearts who want to make a shift in their health, habits and well being.

This Transformation includes over $250 worth of bonus gifts free:

-Daily support from Dorie and Samantha
-A full 10 day yoga and fitness video curriculum
-Recipes and snack ideas
-Motivation, meditations and self-care practices (YES!)

Your investment resides in the SUPERFOODS we will be using daily to support and rejuvenate our bodies deeply. You are spending money on food, Starbucks, spirits and snacks daily anyways. So this simply becomes a food choice, NOT a budget choice.


Pricing varies depending on the program that works best for your goals and needs. Private message the woman that invited you into this opportunity today to find out if you are a good fit for this TRY SOMETHING NEW TRANSFORMATION and to receive your $50 gift card today.

Hurry. There is a very limited time to register, for you will need your products before December 1st to start with everyone saying YES. Contact me here.