I am so excited to announce my Spring Spectacular Retreat on the North Shore of Kauai!

Dates are April 21-27, 2015. Come celebrate the pleasure of having a body with me, in paradise! Come experience more freedom in your body and heart than ever before. SPRING into a more full expression of yourself each and every day!

Spring is such an exciting time of year! New possibilities are being birthed, life is rising up and Kauai is an amazing place to connect with the power of nature in the Spring time!

I hear time and time again from retreat attendees that their retreat was not only the highlight of their year, but a highlight to their entire life! And this will be a great opportunity to get your SUMMER started early and extend that sunshine light in your life this year.

Is This Yoga, Fitness and Adventure Retreat On Kauai Right For You?

This is not a retreat for you if:

  • you do not like adventure
  • you do not like to explore new places
  • you do not live an active lifestyle
  • you are not open to having lots of fun
  • you wanna go home untouched by your experiences

This IS a retreat for you if:

  • hiking is something you enjoy.
  • being near and/or in the ocean makes you smile.
  • you appreciate an organic and fresh cuisine.
  • you life a fairly active lifestyle and desire to be inspired to take it to the next level.
  • you are open to having the time of your life.
  • you are willing to relax, and enjoy island living.
  • you desire to experience a stress-free vacation as soon as your feet arrive on island.
  • you desire you grow your yoga and fitness knowledge and experience and have lots of sweaty fun on your mat.
  • you want to experience waterfalls, rainbows and sunshine.

Kauai is so magical!

6 Night Retreat Packed With Kauai Magic

An entire 6 night yoga and fitness vacation mapped out for you from the time you arrive on this tropical island until the time you are escorted back to your flight home. I am also happy to assist you in creating a wonderful extended stay too. It is my JOY to make this experience for you RICH in ALL ways.

savasana on a SUP

Every meal deliciously prepared, every practice will stretch your potential in new ways, every adventure will bring out a child-like wonder and enthusiasm from your spirit, and you will remember in every cell of your being what it is like to be fully alive.
This retreat is open for all-levels of practitioners and our practices will infuse both yoga, strength training with hand weights and/or body weight only, interval training, guided meditations and deep relaxation.

When you leave you will have a new understanding and a deeper connection with your miraculous body, a newly inspired vision of your practices, and a new-found strength that shines from the inside out.

I have some very special events planned for this retreat that I have not done with others on retreat before! For all the day to day details feel free to book a call with me and I am happy to share!

women circling on kauai

Yoga And Fitness Vacation On Kauai, 2015

This retreat will begin on April 21st with a warm welcome and 2:00 pick up at the airport.

From there we will head to our retreat home; a spacious and energetically welcoming home on the north shore of Kauai. We will settle into our space sweetly and enjoy a grounding yoga practice where we tune into the spirit of Aloha.

Our dinner will be nourishing and we will settle in early or your can soak under the stary night sky with a warm herbal tea or glass of vino in the hot tub (alcohol not provided but you can buy your own). The ocean view is in the distant. Enjoy the bliss of being embraced by Kauai!

Each day will be full of magic, wonderment and joy. Contact me now while space is still available. My February retreat sold out.


Experiences On Our Kauai Retreat This Spring

Here are a few things you can count on throughout the week:
•    daily yoga and fitness practices 1-2.5 hours long (depending on our daily excursion).
•    6 nights in a spacious, getaway home with distant ocean views and hot tub.
•    3 daily meals / desserts
•    waterfall play
•    hiking Kauai’s beautiful trails and the famous Kalalau Trail (weather permitting)
•    snorkeling
•    relaxing on a white sandy beach
•    sunshine
•    rain
•    rainbows
•    vibrant flowers that smell like heaven
•    transportation for all daily excursions. You will not need a car during our retreat days.
•    One shuttle ride will go to and from airport on arrival and departure day. Check with Samantha for that time prior to booking your flight. If you flights don’t align, you are responsible for getting to our retreat home and I can help to hire someone for you.

Additions You Can Add To Your Kauai Vacation Retreat

Optional additional treasures you may add include to your getaway retreat (not included in pricing):

  • massage and facial treatments
  • stand up paddle board rentals
  • surf board rentals
  • an outing for an on-the-town dinner

mountains of kauai

A Day On This Kauai Retreat

A day at our retreat will look something like this:
Awaken to the ha (the breath) of the ocean, and the welcoming calls of nature. Open our eyes to a beautiful day in paradise and enjoy a peaceful transition into our morning practice with time to enjoy a continental breakfast before our morning yoga and/or fitness practice.

Steep in the afterglow of your practice in a lounge chair on the deck, bathe in the sun or soak in the hot tub while your mana filled lunch is being prepared for you. Each and every bite of lunch is enjoyed and nourishes our bodies and minds.

Our afternoons will offer excursion each day: Waterfalls, sandy beaches, amazing hikes, and water play! Come back for a possible evening meditation before dinner and finish your evening reflecting under star light.

Our getaway home and the nature that we will explore daily pulses with well being and vitality, and offers a peaceful imprint into each and every cell. Being here is such a blessing.

Cost of retreat starts at $3000.00 plus a 4% GET Hawaii Tax. Inquire about my partial-scholarship program if you are in need of financial support to allow this life-transforming opportunity to happen for you.

Accommodations range from shared rooms with twin beds to a master suite bedroom with a private bath. First come first serve with room availability. A $400 non-refundable first payment secures your space and the retreat cost is due in full by March 1, 2015.

“This experience has been priceless.” J.D., yoga retreat 2010

More reviews of my retreats can be found on my FB page here. Unanimously, this retreat rocks regardless of your age, gender, or what part of the world you are traveling from. I know you will love it too! Book today while space is available. My last retreat sold out.

retreat collage

All-Inclusive Spring Retreat On Kauai, Hawaii

Book a call with Samantha today to find out what is still available and to share your dreams in a Hawaiian “Spring Into Life” Yoga and Fitness Kauai Retreat today. (808)351-4958

“During my experience at Samantha’s yoga and fitness retreat I learned that it truly is ok to love myself. This realization was carried with me from that week on Kauai into my world and that has made all the difference in my life.

If you are on the fence with coming to Samantha’s retreat I am here to tell you to make this a priority get yourself there. It does not matter your age, your skill level, you size, you WILL be welcomed and you WILL be transformed. I will see you there.”
-Carrie, 2012 retreat adventurer