Kauai Yoga And Fitness

Shape Your Best Life With Samantha on the North Shore of Kauai

Samantha Fox Olson

I have been instructing movement through disciplines of either gymnastics, dance and yoga for over 27 years now. Wow, that number trips me out. In 2000 I began teaching yoga and became a certified Anusara yoga instructor in 2005. In 2010 I brought fitness training onto my yoga mat and began infusing the two practices, and haven’t looked back since.

Yet even back before all those 20+ years of teaching I grew up as a competitive gymnast and since the age of 9 have been surrounded by high quality instructors, exploring in the art of making awesomeness with our bodies! Now, at the age of 40 I am training for my first bikini body building competition.

Kauai Yoga And Fitness Public Class Schedules

For all classes, a pre-registration of at least 24 hours in advanced is required to secure your space.

Text Samantha at 808-351-4958 to pre-register.

Personal Training

Looking for one on one attention to reach your goals?

Testimonials from students

“This is my AMAZING yoga teacher who has changed my life! LOVE HER AND THE PRACTICE…like for real!.”
– Maggie Gistinger.
“yoga with Samantha is everything I hoped it would be & more. Samantha “walks the walk & talks the talk”, I want to be like her when I grow up 🙂 !”
– Margo Orgolini
“Take classes with Samantha. You will love it. I can’t wait to get back to Kauai and practice with this fantastic teacher!”
– Philip Coladonato