Lets talk about facing our fears. So, what are you most scared of? What has been frightening you so much that you have shrunk what you are truly capable of into a safe, comfortable comfort zone?

The fear of getting hurt? Are you scared of looking stupid? Does the fear of failing stop you dead in your tracks? What if you put in all your best effort, only to find out that you don’t actually have what it takes? What if your fear has always been right?

I once almost didn’t even try to climb the rope at the gym for fear of not being able to get up there and looking stupid.

I was more afraid of failing than I was excited about trying my best. In that moment I recognized the fear for what it was. And I made a choice based on my enthusiasm, not my fear.

I climbed the rope, got to the top even.

But this really isn’t a story about PHYSICALLY climbing the rope. Or doing a handstand. You may have once had a desire to stand on your hands. To experience the world from this awesome perspective!

But geeez…
that’s kind of a silly goal.

That’s probably not possible for you. You are too old now. You are not strong enough. Your wrists just weren’t built for that kind of thing.

So you dim the light of your dreams and desires.

But honestly, this story isn’t about being able to do a handstand either! (But you KNOW you have always wanted to!)

Be Bigger Than Your Fear

It’s about something so much bigger! It’s about being bigger than your fear.

It takes courage to stretch.

It takes courage to dig deep.

It takes fucking courage to keep going, to stay committed to your bigger vision, when the challenge feels like you could fall right over, land on your back and break right in half!

Hiding In Your Comfort Zone, Fear Wins

bow down to you fear.

Paint the walls in your comfortable box (your “comfort zone”) and make it all pretty and cozy inside. Decorate it fabulously though, because it’s the place where you will rot away.

Deep down, you know this is truth.

I am sharing nothing new to your soul right now.

what keeps you comfortable?

Where have you been hiding, shrinking, and making really good excuses for not going after what you really truly desire and of what you’re truly capable of?

Where have you been looking over the edge, and instead of LEAPING, you crawl back to that “comfort zone” where you can safely predict what tomorrow will bring?

Just to be “nice”, we’ll call it a “comfort zone” but you know deep down inside that what it’s your prison.

Get Our Of Your Head And Into Your Heart

So here is where we get real. Here is where we get to be vulnerable and courageous.

Put your hand on your heart with me now.

Breathe. Feel. Breathe. Get real.

What dreams have you let wither?

They are not dead because you can still feel their faint whispering inside. They’ve just not been breathed life into in a reallllllly long time.

What is that?

What lights you up, but you have been making all the excuses as to why you can’t have it?

What do you really want? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? How do you crave to feel in your body? And what scares you most?

Let that come up. Allow yourself to feel that fear. Sit with it. Hold it softly but take off the flipping death grip already!

Let the fear know you can see it and hear it. Acknowledge the fear. Thank it for existing simply to keep you safe. And then lovingly let it know that it’s no longer needed. That at this point it is not keeping you safe, but instead it is tearing you apart.

Let it know it may stay, but that you will not choose to bow down to it any longer. You are so much bigger than you fear.

This life of yours, this body you have been gifted with, it’s not a dress rehearsal. This is your LIFE!

You desires have purpose.
What lights you up matters big time!
Feel the fear and do it anyways!
And never never never give up.

I believe in you,
Samantha Fox Olson

IF handstands are something you would love to learn, check out my awesome tutorial videos here! I love supporting your wildest dreams to come true!