If you hate the dreadful “standard cardio” (but appreciate a lean, FIT body), just like I do, then you are going to LOVE HIIT training.

Despise jogging for any length of time (like over 10 minutes, lol)? But love a fit physique. Just like I do. Then what I have to share with you below, will blow your mind.

Now, before I go on, let me just say IF you do LOVE the standard cardio, maybe it’s your metal medicine, then by all means keep rocking on. I’m not saying that there are zero benefits to that type of training. I am simply stating here that it’s NOT what’s required to design a fit, healthy, lean, strong, sexy body. But you wanna DO incorporate what I am teaching you today into your distance training, because it will make you faster! I have had many of my clients who do run marathons prove this to be true!

Long Distance Runner vs Sprinter Physique

Somewhere inside of your core belief system you may think, just like the countless other women who have been sold the same lie, that suffering through long sessions of standard CARDIO is the answer to getting a lean, fit body. I am here to tell you that is NOT true!

Don’t believe me? I totally get it. This is a belief system that runs deep. But to help you with a visual, a quick google search of “Long Distance Runner vs Sprinter Physique” will help paint a clear picture.

The long distance runner’s training is supporting muscle LOSS (even though they are putting in massive effort) while the Sprint Athlete has muscle definition and a rocking physique that’s beyond impressive!

So what’s the difference between the way a long distance runner trains and a sprinter trains?

HIIT BABY!!! High intensity interval training.

What Is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

HIIT training is exactly what it says it is. High intensity training. But don’t let that scare you because here’s the great news…
…the bursts (“sprints”) of intensity are short (10-45 seconds usually) and alternate with roughly equal rest periods in between.

So you’re going to dig deep, you’re going to give it all you’ve got, but YOU CAN DO ANYTHING for a short period of time. With the rest periods in between intervals you will joyfully recover, ready to rock the next set strong.

The After Burn Effect

And then here’s some more good news…
…when you are done with your short workout, the fat burning benefits of your training will keep lasting for HOURS after your workout is complete!!! This is referred to as the “after burn effect”.

Can I get a whoop whoop!!!

But here’s the truth. You gotta go ALL OUT during those short interval sets to reap those massive incentives of burning more fat while you are just laying there at the beach later on.

It’s not called HIGH INTENSITY for nothing. But put in the effort, and you will reap great rewards.

Note, if you are a beginner, work up progressively and safely to high intensity mode. Once you have the fitness base, you can rock multiple rounds of tabata, taking a 1-2 minute rest in between each protocol.

HIIT is a phenomenal way to train to:

  • maximize your time,
  • multiply your efforts, and
  • keep that metabolism revving all day long.

At the end of the article I will share some of my fave exercises to use with this type of training so that you can enjoy the benefits of the after burn too.

High Intensity Interval Training Vs. Standard Cardio Training

In contrast, low intensity steady state, or what we think of as “standard cardio” is where one keeps a pretty mediocre level of intensity going for 30-60-90 minutes at a time. This can be done on a bike, treadmill, around your neighborhood, etc.

Research shows that shorter, more intense interval workouts win over standard, steady state cardio, in creating the glorious after burn effect. And this is something that many people over look when they are only focusing on the calorie-burning effect of the workouts themselves.

Big mistake. Don’t do that. Keep the bigger picture in mind. After all, this is a LIFESTYLE.

There are multiple ways to train in HIIT and I offer a variety of them in my online membership site. There is an entire library of just HIIT videos. You can watch a 3-minute demo of each video here.

What Is Tabata?

Tabata is one of my all time FAVE HIIT protocols.

It’s only 4 minutes in length and a true Tabata Protocol will use the same exercise for all 8 rounds. Although sometimes I do mix it up, but keeping with one exercise for the entire 4 minutes will create max burn.

Set your timer for 20 seconds of work, and 10 seconds rest, for 8 rounds.

I love that for 20 seconds I am encouraged to bring my full-out self to the exercise. Just 20 seconds! I can do that, and you can do that too. Then there is a 10 second rest to recover. Do a total of 8 rounds of this, and you have just completed a Tabata Protocol.

I share more benefits to Tabata in this article here.

HIIT & Tabata Protocol Exercises

Some of my favorite exercises that I like to use within a Tabata Protocol or other HIIT training include:

  • Burpees
  • Jumping Jacks (you can intensify this by adding a tuck jump in between each jack)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Lunge Jumps
  • Skaters
  • Squat Jumps
  • Touchdowns: do a Tabata set with me right now! Click here for a 4-minute challenge.

Incorporate this kind of training into your routine and watch the fat melt away!

Want access to an entire library of amazing HIIT workouts? Click here to enroll to my online membership program. You and your body are going to LOVE this!