I will wear my bikini most of the summer. Not just at the beach. I’ll wear it just lounging around, hiking on the trails, cleaning my house.

This may seem odd to some, but I do live on a tropical island, and here in this place, the locals don’t bat an eye to see women pumping gas at the gas station in their bikini. Barefoot too of course. LOL

Living life in a bikini is FUN! Even more though, I enjoy just being naked.

But because my brother in law and my husband’s uncle both live on our property at the moment, I will be lounging around this summer more in a bikini than butt naked. Shoots!

Looking Good In A Bikini Isn’t Actually What Sparks My Fire For Fitness

OK, but here is the truth bomb…

I don’t workout so that I look good, or feel good in my bikini.

This may seem really odd to some, because, well…
… I am a fitness coach. I help women get ready for summer, ready for big events in their lives, ready for transformation and I use fitness to do it (and mindset, nutrition and self-love practices).

But truth…
…bikini season doesn’t actually change the way I train, because fitness is just part of my lifestyle. It really is a HUGE part of who I am every single season of the year.

And because fitness is a part of who I am, wearing a bikini is something that I genuinely enjoy because it’s a practice that helps me feel really confident in my skin.

But I don’t consciously workout so I can enjoy wearing a bikini.

Benefits of Exercising My Body I Consciously Tap Into

I workout and train my body on the daily because:

  • fitness energizes the fuck out of me!
  • fitness empowers my highest self to come forth
  • exercise gives my spirit a more amazing temple to do more amazing things with and in
  • yoga and fitness allows me to connect to my spirit in a way like nothing else does
  • sweating on my mat helps me release stress and shit that no longer serves me
  • the strength feels amazing in my body. I love being strong!!!!
  • being mobile and flexible gives so much more freedom and joy to my life
  • moving my body makes me a happier person (yep, fitness is my prozac)
  • yoga and fitness connects me to something bigger than any limiting thoughts I have/had
  • it brings life to my life and it’s a way I get to honor life.
  • challenging my body with fitness is how I invest into the adventurous future of my LIFE. I WILL jump off waterfalls with my grand babies!

So I do workout to get strong, fit and flexible. I do workout because I desire to call in greater vitality, but I honestly don’t ever walk into my yurt (my yoga and fitness space that i teach classes out of and record my workouts for my online clients too) thinking, I am going to train today so I look good in my bikini.







Don’t get me wrong, I do love having a fit body I feel sexy in.
Having a body that feels fit and exciting to be inside of gives me peace and joy. So yes yes yes to all of it!!!

But IF “to feel good in my bikini” was a reason that WOULD get me onto my mat and in to my body in an empowering and enthusiastic way, then I would be all in, all for it!

If it’s a reason for you, if it MOVES you, then it is an ABSolutely perfect reason!!!

But here’s the thing…
…find YOUR why.

WHY Do YOU Exercise Your Body?

WHY do you choose to show up for yourself in this way? Why must you make the time for this non-negotiable part of your life?


Keep asking this question because it will fuel you and empower you in ways that are just perfectly right for YOU!

Your body don’t mind what reason you have for moving that miraculous gift of yours. Your body just delights in the fact that you do!!!

So why do you exercise your body? What are the deeper WHYS that will move you to exercise your body routinely?

I believe when you connect to them (the DEEPER whys), your fitness will be so much more fulfilling.

An Encouragement To Connect To Your Center & Your Truth

Take a few deep breaths, drop into your heart, and ask yourself why. “Why do I want to exercise my body routinely?”

And then spend 5-10 minutes journaling all that comes out of you. Keep these things close to your heart. Read this reminder daily until it’s etched into your muscle fibers in love.

And in the meantime, if hanging your bikini in your fridge or pantry helps support you too, go for it sister!!!!

It’s my wish that you feel SMOKIN’ HOT and fully empowered as the most radiant you this bikini season and every season!!!

I love you!
Samantha Fox Olson


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