Does your body allow you to live a life you love?
You know…
… like with joy, enthusiasm and total AWESOMENESS?
Does it?

Does your body allow you to live life on the edge?
Stretching your comfort zone daily so that you can blossom into ALL that you are designed to be!
Does it?

Does your body allow you to experience the magic and miracles that are available to you on the daily?
Exploring terrain that is less traveled, climbing the highest mountains, cartwheeling with your grandchildren, leaping for joy just because?
Does it?

Take Responsibility And Stop Blaming Your Body

Let’s ask an even better question my love…
… Do YOU gift your body with what is required for YOU to live a WILD life YOU love?

Feel into that.

Because what I have found with so many people that are living life BELOW their zone of amazingness is that they are BLAMING their BODIES for all the reasons that they are tired,
in pain, …
… blah blah blah.
You get the picture. Don’t you?

But how sad is that?
To be pointing the finger of blame onto your precious and MIRACULOUS gift of your body!

*What if your body was never at fault?*

What if you could never blame your body again for your lack of desire and passion, fire and light?

Then where would you be?
Then who would be at fault?

You got it.

And what if it has ALWAYS been YOU?
What if you have ALWAYS held the key for your body to WILDLY be set free into all it was designed to be?

Are You Living In A Body You Love?

What if YOU, and only you, were the secret ingredient to ACTIVATING all that is inside of you to WAKE UP, feel amazing, and
in a body that is bursting with potential and possibility.

In a body that is courageous, bold, fierce, energetic, magnetic to all things magical and amazing, confident, playful, joyful and ecstatic!!!

And what if all it took was YOU…
…taking the responsibility to gift your body with what is required for it to be the bad ass vehicle in your life for all your wildest adventures to be experienced and fully enjoyed?

What if what’s required really isn’t that hard?
What if you have just been making it feel so impossible because..
…well because you were NOT taking the responsibility.

What if?

Fitness. Nutrition. Mindset. Love.

What if moving your body, fueling your body and loving your body really could be fun? What if you truly looked forward to being the one that gets to invest that little bit of blessing into your deserving body?

What if your body was oh so desiring for you to ACTIVATE it’s latent potential?

What if you have already been blessed INFINITELY SO inside of YOU to be this embodiment of responsibility?

What if you never blamed your lack of energy, joy, enthusiasm and freedom on your body again?

Then what miraculous one?

Samantha Fox Olson

It’s here!!! Have you seen it??
My 7-Day-Bikini-Body-Ready-Online-Challenge!!!

Yep!! You don’t have to be on Kauai to train with me!
You can be ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and tap into some seriously powerful offerings for you and your bod!

Right here. Right now.
Who’s ready to take responsibility and gift your body just 15 minutes a day for the next 7 days?

Who’s ready to activate all that is ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU, but you have just not allowed it to be unleashed?
Until RIGHT NOW that is


All images in this post were taken during different retreats of mine from the past here on Kauai. Next retreat happens August, 2018. Click here for the deets.