Do you self-sabotage yourself by drinking coffee post workout? If so, you may NOT be seeing your belly fat melting off your body the way you are wishing it would.

This is because drinking coffee post workout can increase the hormone that keeps belly fat on our bodies: cortisol.

Repeated elevations of cortisol levels can lead to both weight gain and holding that weight around our waistline.

Now if you are not keeping up on the basics consistently, you will want
to start here with my free fitness cheat sheet, to jump start your fat loss, fire up your metabolism and skyrocket your motivation. Note: using my personal checklist will increase your confidence and energy levels too.

Fitness For Life

You are exercising to feel amazing inside and out. The benefits of fitness go way beyond creating a rock solid physique.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post titled Fitness As A Spiritual Practice, I don’t believe fitness and exercise was ever suppose to be about creating a cookie-cutter physique. What if it has ALWAYS been about splitting you wide open from the inside out, so that the FULLNESS of you can emerge and kick some serious butt in all areas of your life?!

Oh yeah baby!

Post-Workout Nutrition For Fat Loss

And as we are rocking a fitness program that supports our entire lives in elevating, why not rock them abs while we are at it too!

So, before you go pouring another cup of coffee post workout, do this instead…