If Santa could bring a fit butt and legs to everyone on the NICE list, you can guarantee that most adult woman would have that on the top of their list.
I am here to tell you YOU can have it. But Santa ain’t gonna deliver it sweet pea. YOU got to work for it. And I can help you. It’s my joy to support you in getting into rock solid shape in a way enlivens your soul.
The workout I have for you today is AWESOME and the butt segment (PART 2) is put together masterfully to firm, lift and shape your buns.
Zero butt muscles are left behind.
And you can thank you me later.
My face is BRIGHT RED in this video I shot for you (lol) because filmed this after a 2 mile morning jog.
Here it is >>> 
Here’s how to rock this leg and butt workout. I have sectioned it into four different parts and if you don’t have time for all 4 parts, work part one and/or part 2 for a shorter kick butt workout.

PART ONE is strength training and cardio bursts for the legs. Set your timer for:
one minute of strength immediately into 30 seconds of the cardio blast and rest for 30 seconds before moving to the next set of exercises.
There are 4 sets of exercises in part 1:
Weighted Squats with feet hip distance apart and parallel. Tempo is slow. Keep weight in your heels so you activate more muscles, especially posterior chain.Super set into jumping jacks for the 30 second cardio blast.
Buddha squats with a goblet hold. Feet here are wide and turned out. Tempo is slow. Keep the weight touching your body. Super set this into a high-low jumping jack for your 30 second cardio blaster. Don’t let those knees buckle in.
Standing split repeaters. Come down from the split as slow as you can. Super set into the sprinter. Whew! This is a bit brutal. You can do it!
Same as three but other side. REPEAT once more 1-4.

This section specifically targets dem buns. 🙂
Gluteus minimus, maxamus and medius. Also the smaller muscles under those superficial glutes too making this combo epic for shaping, lifting and firming.
There’s three exercises in part 2.
On all 4s clamp a dumbbell (i am using a 10 pound) behind the knee. Lift laterally keeping your core engaged. 20 reps before switching sides.
On all 4s clamp a dumbbell behind the knee and lift straight back. Keep the public bone lifting towards navel. 20 reps each side.
On all 4s lift the bend knee high, keeping hips square. Go slow. Once lifted create a big, slow turn out of the hips, keeping knee high in the air. Reverse this movement back to square hips. Step through and stand to a balance. Step back to lunge and repeat 8 rounds each leg.
*Repeat this entire sequence once more.
Set timer for 30 second intervals and do each variation for 30 seconds. Repeat 2x
1. Flutters
2. Super woman
3. Muffin top squeezers (left and right)
4. Child’s pose to counter balance the work

Amazing for core and hip stabilizers. Also solid work to keep our ankles healthy and stable.
Flow through the sequence taking your time and staying present with the breath.
-Ardha chandrasana
-Pistol squat

>>> Again, here is the video I shot for you, bright red, demonstrating all the above exercises: https://vimeo.com/307923305

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