When fitness, or even just MOVING YOUR BODY, becomes an “OF COURSE I DO” action in your daily routine, you know, like brushing your teeth, then you will STOP feeling like it’s such a freaking CHORE.

When taking care of YOU is an OF COURSE I DO action in your day in and day out routine, you will find greater pleasure in the practice. It will gift you space to breathe and be more present.

Ahhhhhh, creating space in our bodies FEELS SO GOOD!

It’s not a chore. It’s not an obligation. It’s love. It’s an OF COURSE I DO offering. It’s an I GET TO mentality, not an “I have to” feeling.

Fitness Does More Than A Body Good

When you flip the switch, when you take care of your body because OR COURSE it’s a non-negotiable and not a luxury that happens when everything else in the world aligns perfectly (cuz lets get real here, you gonna be waiting till cows dance), then you receive in such sweet delight of having a body.

You will put your head on your pillow every night feeling deep satisfaction in who you be, in how you are showing up in the world, in how you are taking care of the one thing that needs your attention and love more than anything else.

Taking Care Of Yourself Is A Gift That Keeps Giving

That ONE THING, that when you pay attention to it, ripples out a 1000% return on investment. Take care of your body and she will take care of you. Invest in yourself. Make fitness part of your LIFE. You are worth it.

Make the internal shift, lock it in, see the value of all you be. Because when you do, then OF COURSE you are going to pay attention, take care and move that glorious gift your body be!