Fitness gives us a golden opportunity to tighten up. And I don’t just mean our rear ends and our core. I am talking LIFE baby. Our fitness is a mirror reflection for life! And today’s boxing class got me thinking. It all went down during our burnout set.

Burnouts. Not the kind like, you are burnt out and don’t want anymore. Nope! Not that kine. I’m talking about the end of your workout, when you have already gone strong. And now here’s the last challenge of the workout, to really burn you out! That’s the burnout Imma talkin’ about. I love them!

But.. Imma little bit nuts like that. If you are too, don’t miss the challenge all the way at the bottom of my email!

Stretch Your Fitness Comfort Zone

I love the burn. The edge. That place where you have only 2 options. Or both:

  1. To scream a few 4-letter words for some instant relief, or
  2. melt every bit of unnecessary tension in your body, breathe, melt some more..

… but just keep going.

It’s soooo good. That fitness edge.

That place where you KNOW you showed up so full out, that the angels and all the stars in the universe are applauding your bad-assery.

Also, it’s a place where the majority DO NOT dare to go. Because it’s outside their safe little comfort zone.

But those on top of their game, the leaders in their fields, they make a way when there seems to be no way. Those determined hearts KNOW this place.

Their spirit’s find pleasure there too.

They don’t back off. They don’t run away.

Oh no. Quite contrary. They lean in, then dig deep, they let it BURN and they give it all they’ve got. Alllll the way through the finish line. Fitness for life!

Cheating Yourself

Back to my kickboxing inspo. from our “burnout” round at the very end of class. Our coach was instructing a woman to get into the exercise a little stronger. Basically, to stop wussing out.

It was our last 25 ab reps out of a 200 rep set. He said, “You only cheat yourself.” This was in regards of us not showing up to our fullest capacity, all the way through to the end.

It’s so true!
And as you can guess from my opening statement, I believe there’s so much more to this, because I believe our fitness is such a reflection of our lives. And when we are in the habit of “cheating ourselves” then EVERYONE gets cheated.

Because when you show up as a watered down, cheated version of you, then that is what the world gets. That’s what your children get, that’s what your lover gets, that’s what your clients receive and on it ripples into all your do and all you touch.

But I have a feeling if you are still reading this right meow, you are a little nuts too. Just like me. 🙂

You stay the course. Your give it all you’ve got. You cross the finish line with nothing left in the tank. And, with a huge smile in your heart. Some days are better than others, but your heart is always in the game!

Ummm,,,you ROCK!

Thank you for gifting the world with the most super fcking awesome version of YOU! Boom!

Because when you do EVERYONE benefits!!! And that’s just the way it is!

Supporting your best self EVERY DAY,
Samantha Fox Olson

If you wanna do our “burnout set” today too, at the end of your workout today add an additional
100 squat jumps for time.  Find your pace. Keep your form, and rock every rep like it’s the
only one that matters. Modification: 100 squats, no jump, but total pump!

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This post has nothing to do about the woman I spoke of or her epic amazing capabilities. She rocks. She trained hard that day. She’s amazeballs. It’s about the TRUTH that when you cheat yourself, everyone gets cheated. Period. Now go out and kick some arse!!!