If you are looking for a great home workout that will kick your cardio and give you a solid full body workout, here you go!

I went to cheer on the rock stars at the local box this past weekend while they kicked some ass competing in the Cross Fit Games. 18.3 Version.

The workout put everyone on the ground at the end of the 14 minutes, so of course I had to create a modified version I could do from home.

It was quite a good cardio workout but with lots of variety in there, which I love. Because you WON’T catch this girl getting her cardio in on a dreaded treadmill.

I like getting my heart pumping with lots of full body exercises, a good rhythm, and in today’s case, plenty jump rope.

You can modify using body weight only for sure and if you don’t have a jump rope, you can pretend you do. Listen for my other modifications to each exercise in the video below and HAVE FUN!

A Home Workout Inspired By Cross Fit

Here’s a breakdown of the WOD:

I did 3 rounds for time which took me about 21 minutes total for the WOD. However I did get in a walk/jog for my warm-up which was about 15 minutes long.

If you are pressed for time and want an even shorter workout: get in a good warm-up, then hit one round with me and the video above for a 10 minute workout that will leave you feeling accomplished for the day.

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