I was talking to my mama on the phone this morning as I took my Belgium Malinois for a walk. She asked me when my next race was gonna be.

The Resolution Run Kauai

In case you missed it I ran The 5K Resolution Run on Kauai (and rocked it in 31 minutes)  on January 5th. And if you have followed me for a minute, you know I’ve been a fully self-proclaimed ‘non-runner’ since they made us run the stupid mile in elementary school. LOL
I told my mama I was switching things up over the next 6 weeks with my diet and training and that I am not doing any races until September when I will get a team of women together for a muddy obstacle 5K.
Hold me accountable on that.  😉
What she asked me next was the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION…
How do you stay so motivated all the time?
Honestly, I had to giggle a bit because if she only knew how UNMOTIVATED I felt most of the time getting my sneakers on to get moving when training for that 5K. I don’t like running. It’s really not my thing. But being in the energy of a race is something pretty special. So I chose to do it and bring friends with me.

When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

Wanna know how the heck I get moving even when I don’t feel like it? Wanna know where my motivation comes from?
Click play below and watch the short video I made for you just following the 5K jog I did for fun (just kidding), up hill both ways (lol) the other day…