If You Can’t Lose Weight No Matter What You Try, This Is For You…

“Before starting the Fast Lane To Fat Loss program with Samantha Fox Olson I was feeling disappointed with my body. No matter what I tried, I could not lose weight. This was an ongoing struggle of mine for a many years.

It left me feeling like no matter what, I was going to be stuck with this extra weight and I hated that.

After just 2 weeks on Samantha’s program I was down 4 pounds and feeling totally excited about this breakthrough in my body.

I even went on vacation and only gained 1/2 a pound in that week because my metabolism was so much stronger than it had ever been!

When I returned from vacation I immediately flowed back into the nutrition and meal prep strategies Samantha taught me. This new relationship to food for me has been priceless.

I finished the 40 day acceleration program and lost a total of 8 pounds! Even spending a week in Iceland!

I am so happy to announce that I have maintained all the weight loss even 6 weeks after the program. I have learned so much!

Additionally, the emotional processes and mindset work Samantha shared with me in our weekly group calls have forever changed my life. I have healed past traumas i had put my body through 20 years ago in my body ,and have an entirely new perception about myself and life.

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to breakthrough old patterns, lose the stubborn weight, understand the truth about fat loss and learn to truly love yourself and your body.”
Cassandra Marie