Kauai Retreat Sailing AdventureA Kauai retreat, led with the aloha spirit, can catapult transform and activate your life! Ours was beyond magical in so many ways! In addition to our daily yoga & fitness practices on this 6-night Hawaiian retreat, we also enjoyed guided excursions that included: hiking Kauai’s finest trails, sailing the NaPali Coast, bathing in exquisite waterfalls and relaxing on some of the most gorgeous beaches in the whole world.

On top of that, we had Kari Morin of Crave Vitality here as our in-house chef and nourishment guide. She brought such a wonderful addition to this yoga and fitness retreat, and our food was beyond divine!

Opening Ceremony On Our Kauai Retreat

As I do every retreat, we start our soul-quenching adventure with an opening ceremony that honors the Hawaiian culture. We ask for permission to be here and for blessings to guide our way.

women near ocean

Starting our Kauai retreat in this way has always expands my heart and brings a tear of gratitude to my eyes, every single time. This was the 8th retreat on Kauai that I have led, and it’s so amazing how each time is like opening up a brand new gift.

Opening the retreat in this Hawaiian way allows me the opportunity to lei each guest, to adorn them with beauty and presence, and to give the space for us to vocalize our unique intentions for the week. We keep this part of the ceremony simple and sweet, and then we get to watch the unfoldment of these shared intentions come to life throughout the week together. Powerful!

Hawaiian Lei Ceremony

kauai retreat ceremony circle

The Meaning Of Aloha Weaves Our Retreat On Kauai

The Hawaiian chanting and lei ceremony opens and closes with the blowing of the conch shell. The 4 directions are honored and the ocean and the sky. We honor the ancestors, we ask for permission to be on this sacred island and we offer our heart’s gratitude.

kauai retreat hawaiian ceremony

Additionally, to lead into our retreat experience, we take some time to get to understand the deeper meaning of Aloha. And then ever so beautifully, the deeper meaning of Aloha blesses our Kauai retreat daily. It seems to have a gift that resonates uniquely for everyone in the group in their own special way.

A: Akahi, kindness
L: Lokahi, unity
O: Olu’olu, agreeable
H: Ha’aha’a, humility
A: Ahonui, patience

Yoga And Fitness Retreat On Kauai, Hawaii

Because this was just the first hour of our Kauai summer retreat, I still have so much more to share about our experience.  Epic (that seemed to be the word of the week) transformations that happened for all. I promise I will share more soon.

Until then, do take note that the next retreat happens March 12-15, 2018. Contact Samantha@Kauaiyogaandfitness.com for more information. First come, first serve on the best bedrooms in our wonderful beach house home in the famous surf-town of Hanalei.

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What They Say About Kauai Yoga And Fitness Retreats

I have many testimonials from people who have had the time of their lives on my yoga and fitness retreats on Kauai. Some people have even come back multiple times, saying it tops any group experience they have ever done. To read more about what people are saying about this all-inclusive retreat on Kauai, Hawaii you can check out the review part of my Kauai Yoga Retreat FB page here.