Kauai Yoga Retreat Bikini WomenWhen you think “Kauai Yoga Retreat” do you think of countless hours of bending and stretching confined to your yoga mat? Do you think of a monk-style lifestyle: being on your best behavior and restricting your diet down to lettuce and beet juice?

If that’s your ideal Kauai yoga retreat experience, then THIS one is NOT for you!

However, if you wanna show up authentically and are saying YES to:

  • being playfully challenged with 2 hours of yoga, fitness and meditation daily
  • guided daily adventures in nature that will rock your world (guided hiking, biking, stand up paddling, waterfall adventuring and oh so much more)
  • a cuisine made from organic, fresh and local ingredients and served with love
  • peeling away the onion and transforming from inside out


Kauai Yoga And Fitness To Retreat With Your Tribe

women floating yoga retreatWhen was the last time you got away to dedicate attention to your health, wellness, sanity and joy for living? When was the last time you really dropped in deeply to the nourishing therapy of NATURE?

Leading Kauai yoga retreats for the past 8 years, “exploring the paradise inside and outside” has been a consistent theme. This theme, or intention, unfolds in the most magical of ways!

Kauai Yoga Retreat Poolside

I thought I had signed up for a simple, relaxing yoga retreat but soon discovered, time spend with Samantha is soooo much more! Her passion for Kauai, fitness, fun, and yoga is so inspiring and contagious that I found myself enjoying the challenge of physical feats I have not attempted for years.
Her work outs were kick-ass good and the yoga challenging yet blissful. A delightful surprise, for me was the adventures we went on that allowed us to bring out the child within to play. In addition, the accommodation and food were top notch and excellent value for the money. I especially appreciated her willingness to share
her knowledge and life experiences with us.
I would highly recommend Samantha’s retreat for anyone wanting to learn about yoga, correct workout techniques and just have a whole lot of fun in beautiful surroundings with an exceptional leader. I would love to make this an annual event.

-Marybeth Marrow, Canada

Finding The Kauai Yoga Retreat That’s Pono For Your Desires

Pono means “right”. Like that feeling in your gut that tells you you are in the right place, at the right time. Pono feels good inside.

When choosing an exceptional Kauai yoga retreat, consider the key factors that are most important to YOU. There are some obvious questions to ask yourself:

  • Does this retreat meet my budget or are there any work-trade possibilities?
  • Is this retreat appropriate for my fitness level?
  • Do I resonate with the teacher’s style?

A few more questions to personally tune in with:

  • Do I want to get off the beaten path? Or does being on excursions with other tourist groups that have nothing to do with the intention of my retreat work for me?
  • Do I appreciate a safe container of support that’s present for my needs and desires daily? A cohesive week, with grace leading the way. Or does bouncing around from one instructor and guide to the next resonate?
  • Is it important for me to experience the spirit of aloha with a guide that has lived on Kauai for almost 2 decades? Do I want to travel the island with a local? Or does being led on a Kauai retreat with someone that lives off island meet my needs?

I personally prefer a unique and more personalized touch over the tourist trap approach.


What Others Are Saying about Samantha’s Kauai Yoga Retreat


Yoga Retreats On Kauai In 2018

My 2018 calendar of yoga and fitness retreats on Kauai include:

  1. May12-17th
  2. August 21-27

These retreats fill fast because I will take no more than 8-12 clients per retreat. If you are feeling called, contact me asap. Let’s talk story and find out if this retreat is right for you. samantha@kauaiyogaandfitness.com

Kauai yoga retreat on beach