You MUST show up in your light, your truth, your POWER.

This is a non-negotiable! And how do I know this is true? Because showing up as anything less than brings you pain and suffering. You know it. You feel it.

Somedays the pain of staying small is something you can brush aside with the distractions of keeping “busy”. Somedays the pain of not allowing yourself to be lit up as the fullest expression of who you came here to be hurts so badly you can’t even get out of bed. It’s real.

Some times the idea of stepping into the fullness of you feels like such a quantum leap. It feels gigantic. Like maybe climbing Mt.Everest would be the easier option.

And other times…

… ah there are those moments where in receiving just one breath you feel whole, supported, aligned, lit up and free. You KNOW you are a precious gift. You KNOW your light lights up the world. You KNOW that there is a place for you, and you stand in that place with effortless aligned action and you shine. You KNOW this light is of the highest service to your family and community. Shoots, you KNOW this is the light that lights up the WORLD!

Others can feel it. Others can see it. You are supporting such great contribution on this planet.

THIS Is Real Fitness!

I am here to remind you that you’ve got this.
I am here to remind you that everything inside of you is real. Your light is REAL.

Your passions and desires have been put inside of you with PURPOSE.
They are not there to torment you. They are not playing jokes on you.

You are being guided.
Every. Day.
You are supported.
You are important.
Your light matters.

No one can contribute the way you can!
Your contribution is your light.
Nothing outside has to change.

You mustn’t change anything about who you are on the outside. Or the inside. LOL
(Read that part again. Yes I am a bad ass, body transforming fitness coach and I just said THAT!)

Right now. You are enough.
Right now you have everything inside of you to shine bright.

“But it’s just too hard to keep my light bright.”
“I keep trying and my light gets blown out.”
“Everyone else has a gift, but mine’s just not that important.”


You Are More Than Enough

We are done with these stories and lies that we have taken on as truths in the past.
No more!

We allow those patterns and beliefs to dissolve. NOW!
Bye bye. Adios.

And we replace them with what is real, right now.
Into the fibers of our body and being we speak the truth.

Because your words are so so powerful! You are a powerhouse of power.
You are wildly magnificent at creating your reality. It is EASY for you.
It’s what is MOST NATURAL.

We remember!
We remember that it is EASY for us to design our life.
It can be easy and graceful to shine our light.

It’s our birth right.

We have been living in this creative embodiment with every breath of our existence.
We got this!
We’ve got this with ease, joy, alignment and freedom.

Meditation & Affirmations Of Self-Love & Empowerment

Place your hands on your heart with me now.
Breathe. Allow everything to soften and release.
Become like a still pond inside.

And say it with me…

It is safe for me to shine bright.
It is in alignment with the highest good of all for me to stand in my power and shine my light.
My contribution of BEING ME lights up the world.
I love bringing my light to the world.
The world delights in receiving my light.
It is EASY to show up in my light, truth and power!
I am supported infinitely.
I always have been and always will be.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Now go move your body. Allow yourself to BE MOVED!

For when you do, you are creating the space inside so that the most brilliant expression of you can shine forth.

Breathe. Move. Shine.

Thank you.
I love you,
Samantha Fox Olson

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