Truth bomb: I don’t always wake up with the perfect mindset in place. I don’t always open my eyes and feel super excited for my day to begin. Skipping gleefully to my morning workout isn’t a routine thing. Gasp. LOL.

Sometimes I wake up in resistance. With a bit of an “oh fuck, really?!” mentality.

But just for a moment. I don’t allow myself to dwell there in that mindset. I refuse to travel down that bunny trail.

Instead, I breathe. I pause, and I drop down into my body and heart. I realign.


Allow The Attitude Of Gratitude To Infuse Your Morning Mindset

I remember what I’m grateful for. I remember this day is a blessing and I get to receive in all the goodness today has to offer. I get to share, offer, love, and move my body.

I KNOW in my heart that today is a miracle and this life is meant to be LIVED! In joy. In gratitude. So I realign my presence and mindset.

Then I put my feet on the floor, stand up tall, and rock the fucking house!

These images were captured at a past Kauai Yoga And Fitness Retreat of mine. We hiked this mountain for a sunrise adventure. Ummmmm, Epic good times!

Are you calling in waking up with an adventurous spirit in your heart? Lets activate a new mindset!

Every moment is a new opportunity to align again to what’s most important to you. You have the power inside to live an empowered life and you ALWAYS have the chance to make a new choice. Always!

Next Kauai Retreat is happening August 21-28th!!!
Feel into the vibes at this link here.