In my up and coming yoga and fitness retreat on Kauai, it will be a huge honor and pleasure to work along side of Kari Morin, owner of Crave Vitality.

A transformational health coach and sought out nutrition expert out of Portland, Oregon, Kari is helping to bring balance, joy and energized wellness to women using nutrition and life coaching tools.

In this interview I ask her how she finds balance between being a mama of 3 boys, running 2 businesses and still taking care of herself. She offers practical and inspirational tips.

Additionally, this casual and fun interview touches on:

How to food prep in ways that are fun, simple and give you back time in your week!
What nutrition points are most important for yogis and athletes.
What beliefs are holding you back from having a body you love.
Why self care is a gift you give not only to yourself but to your family, community and more.

To celebrate our 2 passions, mine being yoga and fitness and hers being food and nutrition, coming together for our Lifestyle Retreat On Kauai, we offer and exclusive and time sensitive (offer only valid through July 3rd, 2017) at the end of this interview to those of you whom are feeling the call to join us on Kauai for our 6 night all inclusive, soul-quenching retreat in paradise.