"I have not had self love in a long time."

These were the words I read from a woman inquiring to join my private FB group earlier today.

It broke my heart. It made me want to reach through my computer, draw this woman in and hug her every cell and whisper into her ear what a magical miracle she be.

It made me wish I could show her how truly amazing and worthy of infinite love she is, right now! Without ANYTHING about her having to shift or transform.

I had just read this shortly after teaching a yoga class
that blew my heart WIDE open.

Tears of utter WOW open.
Tears of immense gratitude.
Tears that express how humbled and loved by God I feel in this very moment.

For this preciousness of life. For this magical, miraculous and totally holy-fucking-shit I have been gifted a body and life of countless blessings, blasting of WOWness at full force.

My cells were still vibrating with immense peace, gratitude and love. And I had to sit down and write what was on my heart.

For me.
For her.
And for each and every one of us navigating this experience of living in a human body.

Yoga On Kauai, Hawaii

It was one of those yoga practices that just blow you away into the full expansion of all that is true and all you can do is allow the tears to slowly fall from your eyes.

How did I get so blessed to be given this life?

How did all of creation come together in this very way to mold the likings of me? Into a body!

What in the world would ever have been so loving and so giving and so generous to have woven me into existence and given me life?

Now, of course in the physical/matter being of all this, it was my mama and dad pre-creating that gave me life. (brown chicken, brown cow). lol

But that’s not what I am talking about.

I’m talking about the energetic part. Something so much bigger is at play here.

You Are Worthy And Deserving Of Love Right Now

And me being here now, breathing this gift of this breath and getting to experience the glorious of being alive and connected to all things, and held, and loved and cared for.

Feeling that there is
that needs to change, transform, up level or do to be grated the invitation into worthiness or enough-ness.

NOTHING more to BE.
NOT even one thing that has to fall into place first, before knowing and receiving FULLY that I am loved, cherished and adored down to my every single cell.

And how can something so immense, so divine, and so all-knowing love me so damn much? This I do not know.

But what I do know, FOR SURE, is that I am.
And that YOU ARE.

You Are Loved Beyond Measure

You are LOVED, cherished, held, cared for, and supported by that of which you can not see.
Right now!

You are WORTHY.


In this VERY moment!

You are LOVED.
So so immensely.

All of these reasons you think are really good reasons to beat yourself up and tear yourself apart from love ARE NOT REAL.

Self Love, Judgement & Fear

But I totally get it. They SEEM real as fuck at times. More real than anything else. But I am here to tell you that is a lie.

There is a field where you are loved beyond measure. There is a place beyond the restraints of your judgements and fears that exists. That is REAL.

Where you KNOW that simply because you have been given life you are WORTHY. You are DESERVING. You are cherished, adored and LOVED.

And when you feel this love there is NO REASON you can come up with in your dense head that would separate you from this truth.

Appreciation & Love For This Body And Life

Today after yoga I cried.
Tears of gratitude. Tears of awe and humility.
How can I have been given so much. How freaking blessed am I?
And how blessed are each and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US that are here?!

Me. You.
This incredible woman that reached out to me today.

And why do we separate ourselves from this truth?
Why do we make up all these reasons to pick ourselves apart?
To knock ourselves down?
To feel less-than, not worthy of, or not good enough?

Because if we are honest with ourselves, isn’t that where all the “not loving ourselves” comes from in the first place? From not feeling good enough, worthy and loved.

Because when you feel this love there is no room to NOT love yourself. You can not help it.

But we get in our heads, and we feel these things.

Being In Our Head When We Should Be In Our Hearts

And then the cycles spin.
We don’t talk encouragement over ourselves.
We don’t pay attention, listen, feel, acknowledge.
We don’t follow though with what we desire most.
We don’t trust ourselves or God.
The background noice of our own thoughts are hurtful.
We act out of alignment and then we beat ourselves up.
This shows up as a nasty pattern all over the place.
Rinse and repeat.

And why?

What purpose does this serve?
Sit with that question. Really sit there.


There is NO service in that cycle.

It doesn’t serve me, you, your lover, children, neighbor, stranger. No one!

And where does it lead?
To a world that is hurting and deeply in pain inside.
Because individually we feel disconnected.
We feel unworthy and not good enough.

Inner Peace. Outer Peace.

This leads to war inside and war outside.

Envision a world where everyone loves themselves so much.
Envision this world with me.
A world where we love ourselves because we can not help it!

God loves us so immensely, and we feel this and know we are worthy.
Envision this world with me.

How would your life be different?
How would our planet be different?
So next time I find myself beating myself because of something, anything,

I pray that I remember this feeling. This love.

I pray this for US.
And so it is.

Samantha Fox Olson

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