I am so excited to share with you a SIMPLE 5-STEP PROCESS that will shift you from dreading fitness (or any self-care practice) into finding great joy in taking great care of your body.
It’s inspired by the Netflix Series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. I know that sounds kinda strange. But come with on this one. It’s truly a magical process and you really must tap into this if you are desiring more JOY in your self-care!!!
First, this woman Marie Kondo is the EMBODIMENT of pure joy!
Seriously, she dances in delight to bring order to a cluttered space and the end result is magic, love, peace and (of course) JOY!
Kinda like I feel when I am working with my fitness clients. But definitely not how I feel when I am cleaning windows.

Making Fitness Fun Is A Mindset

Professing some truth here:
Chores like folding laundry, doing the dishes, and tidying drawers are not things I would say necessarily SPARK JOY inside of me on the daily.
And when I am faced with a “chore” that doesn’t sound fun…
it’s honestly a bit of a pain in the butt to just get ‘er done.
It’s easy to put off.
But I used these 5 steps today and literally cleaned my windows in JOY. So I KNOW that it will shift your fitness BIG TIME TOO.

Tidying In Joy with Marie Kondo

Listen, you and I both know ignoring the task at hand NEVER makes the situation better.
In fact, in the case of last night’s Tidying In Joy episode, if that family would have kept with ignoring their cluttered home, it could have ended in the break up of a marriage and beautiful family. It was profoundly disturbing the peace.
That’s a big freaking consequence!
Having been teaching some form of fitness now for 26 years, I can tell you that it’s a pretty common perspective for people to feel this same way with taking care of their BODIES.

Which is the HOUSE of our spirit.

And again, you and I both know that if fitness, stretching and eating well
are chores that, keep getting put off (till the perfect everything falls into place, which ain’t never gonna happen)…

the consequence becomes a dreadful inner battle, a flabby body, fat waistline, sluggish energy and a challenge to fit joyfully into our skinny jeans.
Keep ignoring it long enough..
depression, anxiety, obesity and (heaven forbid) a totally preventable disease
and health disability are the consequences.

That’s a big deal! And I am here to help.

Marie does something REALLY SPECIAL at the beginning of her time shared with her clients. She sits with her clients in a silent meditation, and connects to their house in a seat of honor and appreciation.

She HONORS and gives appreciation to the HOUSE!

This one thing right here opens up an entirely new perspective for her clients. It opens their hearts to what they already posses that is such a gift.
It moves them to tears because what once was a burden and bear inside of their hearts now softens into so much loving devotion. The end result is that in 30 days their home is organized and tidy. Even better, it SPARKS JOY in them to keep their tidying acts going.

Your Perspective Is Powerful

Guess what? You can do this with your “house” too!!
You can shift your perspective around your body and make what was once a dreadful chore become a fun way to honor and take care of your gift. The house of your spirit!
Our perspective drives everything!
It is so powerful because it is the lens from which we experience our lives from.
So here is what I want you to take away from this Netflix inspire so that you can SPARK JOY in your fitness and self-care like an out-of-this-world-fairy-boss too!
  1. Remember that you are NOT your body. You are a SPIRIT with a body and your body is a precious gift to help your spirit be enlivened on this planet.
  2. Honor your home daily. Sit in silence for just 60 seconds each morning and honor your body. Thank it for the gift it is. Acknowledge your body as a blessing.
  3. Whisper to your body that you are so honored and grateful to take care of such a blessing of a gift.
  4. Tap into this feeling as your SPARK OF JOY to ignite you to get your fitness on, stretch your body out, prepare a nourishing meal for yourself, etc.
  5. Take action. Take loving action.
This simple 5 step process will shift you from a place of dreading your next workout into a place of joy for taking such sweet care of yourself.
The end result?
You will be a happier more optimistic person. You will lighten up (energetically and physically). Your clothing will fit so much better. You will wake up happier. You will have more energy and you will find so much more pleasure in the life you live.
I know these 5 simple steps will take you far. And to expand on this support, I even filmed a guided meditation for you. Make some space for this one.

Meditation For Our Body Inspired By Tidying In Joy

The time is NOW to love your body.
Let’s get to work,
Samantha Fox Olson
Marie Kondo is the tidying fairy who sparks JOY in others by teaching them how to organize their space with her unique system.
I am the fitness fairy who sparks JOY in others by coaching them in my
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