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“Look what I bought! And for the first time in my adult life, I am ok wearing it! I feel like you have taught us so much self love Samantha.”

*Sharing with permission from my rock star client…

I was recently speaking with a client of mine who lives on the mainland. She had just sent me her “almost after” photos for her first round of my 40 day fat loss, strength gain protocol. Actually this image is 36 day transformation!!

This woman is on fire!!! (Side note: I freaking love working with my soul clients!)

In our conversation she mentioned that she was looking in the mirror
and she told her husband, “I love my body!”

She said that her husband looked at her like
who the hell is this woman standing in front of me?!

“He has never heard me say that before Samantha
and it surprised him to hear these words come out of my mouth.”

Prior to working with me she hadn’t done any form of fitness for
OVER A DECADE! She has now not missed a workout In 36 days!
Her consistency is rocking and rolling and get this…
she now is enjoying exercise! (And lets just say her hubby ain’t mad).

I put her before and “almost after” photos side by side and my jaw dropped
because not only was the body transformation inspiring as could be, but also
the inner transformation:

-the way she held herself
-her confidence
-her joy
-her enthusiasm for life
-her overall vibration.

They could all be palpably felt.
You can tell the woman today THINKS differently
than the woman before. You can see that she loves
and appreciates her amazing body even more too.

And here’s the thing, this woman (at 50 something)
is just getting started.

I thank God daily that I get to do this work and grateful
for the woman that trust in me to help them achieve
the body of their dreams.

And I’m not sad for the husbands who get to
enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of
having a wife that genuinely loves her body.
Now that’s some good stuff!

Laura Brzegowy, Indiana

When your client says, “ I love it when you say ‘and I’m really freaking good at what I do’ because it’s TRUE.”

That’s all.

Transformations happening left and right. What are you waiting for again?

And btw…
I’m just getting started with this fit goddess body! 💥

#fastlanetofatloss #fitgoddessbody

Hi Sam!!
I just pic collaged my 20 day photos and can’t believe my eyes.  My hubby was even like, THAT is a big difference 😊😊.  
Thank your for speaking life into me so that I can be done with this yo yo thing forever!!!!
Here’s to the next 20 days 💥💥

“I’ve been working out with Sammy for 3 weeks now, 2x weekly, and I have seen IMMEDIATE results!

The work I had been doing at home, pole fitness, dance and workout DVD’s were all great, but I wasn’t getting the results I feel I should have been.

This additional training tipped it over the edge, and the results are in the pants!

Well, NOT in the pants anymore! Thank you!” 


“Samantha’s online yoga and fitness videos have helped

me in so many ways! Previous to becoming a member I never committed myself to fitness like this before.
I would try different things, but none of them ever held my interest or kept me inspired.
But since using Samantha videos, that has completely
changed for me. Her unique approach to fitness is
contagious and it is shaping my body, my mind and my
I have seen so many changes in my body and so have
my friends. My legs and butt are more toned which has
never happened before.
Also, the way I deal with things in my life has been
positively influenced because of the encouraging attitude
and life-affirming messages Samantha puts into every
yoga and fitness class. My flexibility has improved which
has helped my dancing tremendously.
Overall I feel healthier AND happier. I highly recommend
anyone who does not love working out or stretching to try
Samantha’s course and see what it can do for your body
and life too.”

“Thanks Samantha Fox Olson for helping me achieve an ass I never thought I could have! I turned 46 today and I feel great. I wore a bikini to the lodge hot tub last night (hubby took me to timberline for an overnight getaway) and I felt confident and sexy. Thanks Samantha Fox Olson for helping me achieve an ass I never thought I could have! More importantly I felt strong on the slopes today. Felt great. Xoxo”

“Before Samantha’s online program I was feeling frustrated and disappointed in my body.

Nothing was working.

But after just 18 days on her online program, I lost 8 pounds!!! My jeans fit again and during the 18 days, I followed her program to the T, and even got to enjoy pizza, bacon cheeseburger, fries, ice cream and birthday cake. 

I am amazed!
I have learned so much and feel like I can do this lifestyle for the long haul.”

“Samantha working out with you is a whole new experience of just drenching the body with love no matter what exercise, which then carries on for the rest of the day.

Samantha, you help me marry my soul with my body… that’s the best was to describe it!
That is a true gift.”

“Last night my husband gave me a massage, I was so sore and it felt sooooo good. I mention it because he could not believe how much my body has changed in the last 8 weeks.

I told him I can feel the difference in my body just walking around. I have gone from someone who thought they hated physical exercise to someone who craves the next work out and looks forward to sweating and being out of breath.
I feel like I could do anything! The fear is there less and less in my life. Not only do we get to challenge ourselves physically, but we have an opportunity to reflect, attempt to break old patterns, and see a new way through challenges.

“Throughout the last several months I have been there working out with

you every day, reading, following, listening. I have not missed more
than two days of working out since Sept.
I commonly complained prior to working out with you that my
back & wrists hurt & that it was something that I figured I would just
live with. I no longer have those aches and pains.
It seems crazy to say this, honestly I am a pretty tough girl, your
program has brighten my life in every aspect and I am not only
physically stronger, but mentally as well.
I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing
me to be a part of your group and helping me grow in so many ways.

“Samantha, Thanks to your online program, I am in the best  shape I have ever been in…

…and I turn 40 this year!

“Before Samantha’s program I was trying other exercise classes but my body was not responding in a way that made me happy.

After 4 weeks of being in Samantha program (only putting in 60 min. total time per week) though I started to see results in the tone of butt and legs and now I feel excited to keep going.

I highly recommend Samantha’s program for anyone who

has felt stuck and are ready to see results!”

“Samantha knows the foundation of yoga, fitness, muscle groups and enormous amount of different style of exercises which enable her to help you work out every part of your body.

If you want to have a better yoga or fitness practice, then Sam’s classes are a must, because not only do you get the best work out you also get to enjoy a place of peace, love and spiritual growth while taking care of your physical body.

Her light, love and joy is a pleasure and a blessing. And, she will get you sore in crazy spots on your body as well. What a plus.”

- Kacy Chatfield

“Hi Samantha! I wanted to share that it’s been a month since I started taking fitness classes with you. I started with once a week, but the last two weeks I did two classes a week. My body has changed SO much! 

I noticed the difference in ONE single class – in my muscle tone and posture. In just four weeks, especially the last two, my entire body shape has shifted. 

My spine is straighter, I hold myself better, I have much more strength, my energy has easily doubled, the amount of sleep I need has gone down, my body is leaner, my shoulders are sexy, my tush is firming and lifting (my husband asked me where I was hiding the rest of it this morning), and I generally feel like I can greet life with so much more confidence. 

I have moved through SO many energetic, emotional and physical edges into new space and awareness in just a few weeks, it’s incredible! Thank you for helping me ground and come into my body in such a powerful and aligned way.” xoxoxo Cristina

Christina, World Traveler

“You offer the best workouts I have ever done in my whole life!!

Your class is so much more than just exercise for the body, what you give to us strengthens the spirit and soul as well.

I am feeling on a workout high all day today!

Thank you~ thank you~ thank you.”


“Before Samantha’s online program I was feeling disconnected from my body and myself.

I was not making exercise or my health a priority and I was feeling the effects of this in my body and my emotional state.

I was stuck in a rut and could not get moving.
It was affecting all areas of my life and I knew I had to make a change.

It was time and I knew it at a deep level.

When I read about the 4 pillars that make up Sam’s Body Freedom System (fitness, nutrition, mindset and self love), I knew it was the program for me.

However, I have never made a 90 day commitment to myself before in this way so it was really a scary leap for me. But I knew I had to say yes to myself and to this program NOW.

It’s been 5 weeks into the program and I’m proud to say that I have showed up 100%! Actually as soon as I said YES I could feel shifts inside of myself taking place.

In these past 5 weeks, I have gone from not being able to get myself moving, to being fully committed, consistent and truly happy about my efforts. I am back!!!

On a physical level I am stronger than I have felt in decades! I even felt my deep ab muscles for the first time that I can ever remember last week!

My push ups have gone from being on my knees to having my knees off the floor and this strength feels empowering! I am jogging again (up to 2 miles now) and I even signed up for my first 5K.

I never would have done something like that just 6 weeks ago!

I feel like the fit person inside of me is back and I actually ENJOY working out again.

Did I mention my clothes fit better and I feel a new confidence with that too!

On an emotional level I am learning how to love myself. I am thinking new thoughts, speaking to myself differently and I am learning a whole new perspective with taking care of myself. I am learning how to forgive myself
of past patterns which is bringing greater freedom and joy into my days.

I am learning how to find balance in this lifestyle that just 6 weeks ago felt so far away from what seemed possible for me

Another result of this is that my relationships are benefiting too. I am more patient with my daughters and on so many levels I can’t tell you what this means to me.

5 weeks in to this program and I am so grateful with the transformations (inside and out) that have happened for me. I am excited for what is still to come.

I can’t believe I thought a 90 day commitment seemed so scary because in my heart I feel like fitness is now a non-negotiable way of my life.

Samantha, thank you for creating a program that brings so much personalized attention and that weaves such a holistic approach to fitness.

What you offer is special and I don’t think any other program so skillfully, and with so much love, offers what this program does.

My body is transforming and so is my life.
I could not be doing this without you and this Fit, Fierce & Fabulous program.

I feel so excited for what 2019 may bring. And that is HUGE.
Thank you!”

Margaret Sturdevant

“Samantha is a master at gently guiding you to your threshold and inviting you to consider going further. I find myself not only physically challenged but also tapped into something bigger.

I seek out Samantha’s coaching to reconnect with myself, build strength and flexibility, and to feed the inspiration to live a happier healthier life.”

- Namaste, Kaelyn J. Globig, MI

Getting dressed to go to a weeding and out of pure curiosity I dug to the back of my closet…. look what fits!!! Hale-flipping-lujah!

Size SIX! Boom!

Not feeling sad at that wedding. 😉


“I can’t keep my own hands off my butt. I’m so proud!”

“I feel and look so much better than before training with you. Your online classes are my healing tools Sam!” ” -Zeyney, Turkey
“Loving your Fast Lane To Fat Loss 40 Day Program Samantha! Not only are my big time sugar cravings gone, 14 lbs off my body (2.5 weeks in), but I just realized I have NOT had to take 1, not one, advile or tylenol since I started on this program. I haven’t gone this long without taking something to remove pain from my inflammation in I can’t remember how many years! I have also learned how to stay on track while traveling! Big wins!”
2 week into the Fast Lane To Fat Loss Program with life-changing results:

Your workouts are on freaking point! They literally cover every kind of working out I love)! Lifting, hiit, yoga and even some booty shaking

I fit into my shorts again without an extra waist band!

4 week into the Fast Lane To Fat Loss Program with life-changing results:

Whoohoo! Dropped 10 lbs and one dress size and feel stronger than I ever have!

3 weeks into the Fast Lane To Fat Loss Program:

20 some days into this 40 day fast lane deal and I have to buy new clothes!! losing inches and gaining muscle like crazy. Loving the workouts. Thanks again for the awesome classes that make me actually WANT TO work out!

1.5 weeks into the Fast Lane To Fat Loss Program:

My pants keep feeling so much more comfortable around the waist the past few days so I measured. I lost 1.5 inches from my waist and one inch from my back/bra line.

“Lower Body Circuit, Guided By Intuition…” is the title of the workout I did today. What an absolute beautiful delivery of who you are and of what is in your heart Samantha. What a unique experience!

Still wondering how I found you all the way from Boston.”

“Samantha’s program is magic!
“You know you LOVE the person training you when you can laugh at a comment like this.  I quit training with my husband nearly 20 years ago because he’d say something similar.  Somehow it’s far more endearing (and doable) coming from Samantha. :  )”
“Here are my day 10 stats.  By no means was I perfect on this, but I tried.  And it works! Samantha knows her shit!”
“Samantha Fox Olson YOU have helped me stay true to who I am”