Can fitness be a spiritual practice? As a fitness coach I can tell you what it is that I am here to support you in the most.

I desire most for you to know that you are loved and cherished…
…just as you are!!!

I am here to let you know that you are already good enough…
…and that you always have been.

I want to shout from the rooftops how capable and deserving you are…
… of living a life you love, in a body you adore and cherish!

And the way that I have been blessed to help you connect and EMBODY all of these truths more fully…
… has always been with yoga and fitness.

Fitness As A Spiritual Practice

These are the practices that support me in opening to something bigger…
… of getting outside of my limited self and expanding into greater possibilities.

These are the practices that allow me to connect to my heart and soul, and offer my prayers and intentions out into all of the universe.

Getting to that edge where you wanna quit, but you don’t…
… strengthens those invisible, spiritual muscles that activate ALL AREAS of YOUR LIFE!!!

Stretching, breathing and opening with sweet surrender with each bow and bend…
… IS the energizing of, the breathing life into, all that we are choosing to manifest now!

(Ahhh, this photo was taken during a past Kauai Yoga And Fitness Retreat of mine. Find details about our next one here.)

There is something BEYOND POWERFUL when we use our BODIES to shift our energy and open to greater possibilities.

It’s inside our bodies that we feel.
Our bodies are meant to MOVE.

To bend.

To sweat.

To stretch.

To play.

To jump and balance and do all the things.

The Invisible Muscles, Your Spiritual Muscles

What if you could use your fitness to imbue into the fabrics of your being all that your soul is cheering you on to be?

What if this is, and always has been, your biggest tool for personal development and inner growth?

What if it was always the design?

And what if the side effects to your expansion, higher vibration and personal growth just happened to be a strong, fit and energized body? Sexy thighs, a firm a$$, a strong core, lean and vibrant. With a confidence that oozes in the most attractive of ways.

What if fitness and exercise was never suppose to be about creating a cookie-cutter physique?

What if it has ALWAYS been about splitting you wide open from the inside out, so that the FULLNESS of you can emerge and kick some serious ass in all areas of your life?!

What Does Fitness Mean To You?

Yeah, that’s the way I’ve always known it to be. Deep down inside.
From the first time I saw that girl flipping across the stage at my 4th grade talent show.

She was rocking a long sleeve rainbow leotard and she cracked me open inside because when I saw her living her life like that, expressing herself fully and freely, I lit UP. Like truly lit up. A switch was flipped and I KNEW I must train like this and experience this energy flowing through me also.

At the core of my being, fitness for me has always been about seeing what else was possible.
About tapping into my center and challenging more of the fullness of me to emerge.
To be a body that loves to play and play full out.

I’m not a gymnast any more. Well, besides the occasional back flip off a waterfall, but of course.
But that decade of training like one instilled in me a desire to see what’s possible in my body.

That desire led me to KNOW that moving my body is CRITICAL for me to feel alive, energized, open, happy and deeply satisfied when I lay my head on my pillow at night.

I am so grateful for my sexy strong thighs and my firm backside. Yahoo! So grateful!!!

But when I step on my mat, when I get ready to train like the bad ass rock star I be…
… I am most interested in strengthening the muscles that you can’t see. The muscles that positively influence this entire precious, miraculous gift that we call LIFE!

Thank you for allowing me to support your fitness,
Samantha Fox Olson


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