Train With Samantha 
From Anywhere In The World


I help women live a “FUCK YES” life
in a fit, fierce and powerful body
that they truly LOVE.


Awesome right?!
But there is a catch and I don’t work with everybody.


I am not interested in working with women who are not 100% IN! 


If you are not CERTAIN that transformation is your destiny, I am not your coach.
If you don’t crave deeply for the shift to take place in all areas of your life, 
find another program.


I am not interested in convincing you that you have to take care of you.
You have to WANT this for yourself more than anyone else.




I AM INTERESTED in showing you EXACTLY what you need to do, supporting you each step of the way, encouraging you to be the best you you can possibly be, and in holding the container for you to say YES to yourself in a bigger way than ever before!


I AM INTERESTED in, and I am really good at, bringing out your very best and in helping you discover and embody your most empowered, bad-ass self!


I work with women all over the world and they get results beyond their wildest dreams!
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My online program is a 90 Day Intensive,
personalized and group coaching program called

The Fit, Fierce and F*cking Powerful Mastermind Bootcamp!
For those that qualify,
my VIP Package includes a 5-Day Immersion with me on Kauai. 



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The RESULTS that women are receiving from working with me are POWERFUL!
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Don’t wait.


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