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Check out what one of my clients 4 week transformation (and we still have 8 weeks to go):

Getting your own PERSONAL TRAINER in the comfort of your own home, working strategically into your busy schedule has never been easier.

Here is what my 12 week Personalized One-On-One Laser Coaching Program works for YOU:

  • Your program is stylized based on a 30 minute intro phone call we share where I help you get clear on your goals for your 2015 summer body and help you see a bigger picture that motivates you.
  • From this call I get busy writing a curriculum that is 100% personalized for YOU and YOUR goals and YOUR schedule! Me and you for 12 full weeks!!!
  • This program has a HUGE BONUS:  For every 2 weeks that you complete your entire curriculum (which will be put together based on your goals and how many days a week and time frame you know you can commit to) I will GIFT YOU a bonus call that is 15 minutes in length where we will touch in and you can share what is working, what you feel you need help or support with, and I can assist you there as well as be at your side as your biggest cheer leader!

This is a 1-2-3 sure-fire way to receive the accountability, support and the exact structure you need to get into that bikini this summer feeling sexy as ever.

The RESULTS that women are receiving from my online programs are AWESOME!
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Don’t wait.

Personalized Yoga & Fitness Programs With Samantha

My online clients range from young to old in age. They range in experience from warrior athletic and/or yoga teachers to those that have not been active in their bodies for 18 years.  They also reside all over the USA as well as other countries such as Europe, Ireland and Australia.

I am running a special on this now for only $555 for your 12 weeks of PERSONALIZED COACHING! Membership to is also required to access your weekly workout videos. However, my schedule really only allows for me to take on a specific number of these clients at this special rate. If you are interested, contact me asap to see if there is room.

Need a payment plan? Contact me today and we will see the possibilities.

My past one on one programs ran up to $4000. This is THE opportunity to get the personal trainer you always dreamed of. It would cost more than this to get a personal trainer at the gym 2x, and this program is your personal strategy, with personalized coaching ALL MONTH LONG!

Why am I offering this incredible value at this special rate? Because I wanted to create something that EVERYONE can afford and get ROCK STAR one on one attention too (not just celebrity clients).

I can’t wait to rock into summer with you and help you create a body that rocks your new bikini and the inner love that helps you shine even brighter in it!  Contact me NOW and lets get YOUR TRANSFORMATION started today!

A Rocking Yoga And Fitness Challenge Online

If you are not committed to fully giving yourself the support and accountability you need to rock your dreams, please do at very least take on my FREE WEEK CHALLENGE.

The time is NOW for you to totally transform your body and upgrade your life then I welcome you to come and receive a free week of online yoga and fitness training with me!

Click here to register.

After registering I will email you daily for 7 days telling you exactly which yoga and/or fitness video to do that day. In just 7 days from NOW you will feel lighter, stronger and more energized in your body, mind and spirit!

This is a great way to sample my work for free and zero commitment. Got questions? Contact me today.

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