Unlimited aliveness and infinite possibilities.
I love you.
I love taking care of you.
What a gift I have been blessed with.

Blessed beyond.
A powerhouse of prosperity.

Alive in the now we have access to
all magic and miracles of the universe.

It is not earned.
It is given.
Generously and abundantly given
for all to receive.

Every single ONE.

Have you bought the lie that
you must be good enough,
worthy enough, perfect enough
(fill in the blank enough)
to receive in the grace?

To co-create in the bounty.

Your are here.
THIS is what makes you deserving.
THAT is what makes you worthy.

Samantha Fox Olson

Popping some bubbly our last night of my last retreat where we enjoyed a lovely sunset and where we may or may have not had a spontaneous skinny dip.

My dear friend Kari said it best when she said (before she maybe did or maybe didn’t jump into the water in her birthday suit), “In the end, you only regret the things you didn’t do!”

Are you living now? Or waiting for later?
My next retreats on Kauai happening:

October 18-22nd, 2018: A Luxury Retreat, a VIP experience of epic self care proportions.

February 21-27th, 2019: Whales are here! Yoga, fitness, and adventures.

August 13-20th, 2019: Summertime Magic! Yoga, Fitness and Soul-Quenching Adventures.

Which one do you wanna be here for?
Message me today for more details.